Merge posts

    Gentlemen's Themed Media!

    There is the following proposal: to make it possible to combine the same posts.
    For example, right now: and
    The same news, comments began to appear in both posts.

    If one of the posts is simply closed, the comments will disappear.
    I propose the following scheme: the authors of both posts agree on whose post remains (perhaps they manually transfer some parts of the text from another post), then, when editing his posts, one author chooses “combine my post with this post in such and such”, and the second - “ accept the unification of such and such a post in this post of mine. "

    And all the comments from the portable post appear in the one that remains. Sorted by time and all that.
    You can even foresee the conclusion of two authors in the corresponding column.

    ps In general - this opens up the possibility of writing posts by several authors without the “manual” indication of links to a co-author.

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