Problems of modern "dialers"

    Every time relatives are going to buy a new phone, they come to me for advice. The problem is that they do not need androids and iPhones, they need to call and write SMS as much as possible. That everything worked well and it was necessary to charge rarely. Well, to be very cheap. These people often do not need cameras and the Internet, they do not need bright colors, only to a minimum.

    Recently, often he began to call just the first devices that came across, so that according to reviews more or less. But I did not know these phones “personally”.

    I got such an opportunity, the google phone broke and was put into repair. I decided to take the Nokia 208 to the tablet and fumble the Internet. But disappointment was not long in coming.

    First impressions after smart: small. Small screen, narrow. But nokia, I thought everything would be painless. A terrible brake phone, when before and after a call you need to wait 10 seconds for the operation to complete. The feeling that he is trying to calculate the number Pi to the most accurate value there. The Internet through it is slow, sharing via bluetooth to the tablet did not solve the problem: a very long connection and a speed of 400 bytes / s. Not that I expected from a phone worth 1700 rubles.

    Next, I returned it to the store and took the cheapest explay a170 with bluetooth (needed for the car to plug the headset in). I am surprised that even explay is faster than Nokia. And it seems even assembled without strong gaps, unlike Nokia.

    But that is not the point. The fact is that having tried both phones, it became clear: dialers got stuck in the early to mid-2000s, but the build quality is even worse than those dialers.
    And the first problem that has not been resolved since the advent of color screens in mobile phones is design. It seems to me that the developers did not think at all about improving and simplifying the system. The whole world is chasing minimalism and the integrity of the system, but everything is old: some free icons taken from some Indians with pseudo-3d effects back in the last century, frames around fonts so that you can at least somehow see the time on a brightly painted wallpaper. Bright yellow with dark red and so on. And it’s completely not clear what needs to be done to get to some simple function.

    Secondly, the ongoing clowning of producers. Everyone does his own firmware somehow and shoves all his telephones. No updates or anything else.

    This all made me think: why hasn't anyone on the market made an analog of android for dialers? To make a universal configurator for devices with and without a flashlight, or with a camera. Why didn’t any guys sit and think about the cheap segment? Maybe because everyone again does not care about people out of trend. Many have to buy cheap smartphones and suffer, because nothing good is done for such a price.

    Sorry to boil, and the topic turned out to be poorly contented. The opinion of the community about stopping the development of dialers has become interesting, maybe there are some interesting representatives of this type or any thoughts on this?

    PS: A friend said about Just5 Brick. 3000 rubles is very expensive for a budget dialer.

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    • 33% Pineapple 936

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