What does drawing look like in Oculus Rift?

    On Habré many are able to work with various graphic editors at a professional level. But even among professionals, hardly anyone had time to try out the 3D graphics editor designed for the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet.

    This graphic editor, called by the developers of Tilt Brush , allows you to draw directly in virtual reality. The author of the application is Skillman & Hackett.

    The application allows you to draw in three dimensions, with a change in the angle of inclination and the ability to rotate the resulting image. In addition to the usual "colors", you can draw using unusual materials, including light, stars and smoke. All this works interactively, so you can create a moving picture if you wish. Of course, the image can be rotated in any direction, viewing its work from all sides.

    So far, the application is in prototype stage, but by the summer of 2015, the final version of the application will be released, available to everyone. At the same time, developers plan to release other versions of their application for other platforms.

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