How an IT freelancer becomes an entrepreneur. Part 2

    Hello! In a previous post, we talked about why an IP freelancer is why an IP is better than an LLC. Today you will learn how to register an IP yourself and what to do next.

    Everything for self-registration of IP on the site " I love IP "

    OKVED codes

    First you need to decide on the types of activities and select the OKVED codes. They are indicated in the application for registration of IP and must contain at least four digital characters, for example, 72.20. One code must be selected as the main one, all the rest will be additional.

    The following codes are suitable for freelance in the field of IT:
    • Web and mobile application development - 72.20 Software development and consulting in this area,
    • Web design and website development - 72.60 Other activities related to the use of computer technology and information technology.

    Additionally, you can specify:
    • 72.10 Consulting on computer hardware,
    • 72.30 data processing,
    • 72.40 Activities for the creation and use of databases and information resources,
    • 72.50 Maintenance and repair of office machines and computers.

    Other OKVED codes are not related to IT, but may come in handy.
    • Graphic Design - 74.84 Other services
    • Online store - 52.61.2 Retail trade through television shops and computer networks (electronic commerce, including the Internet),
    • Advertising (SMM) - 74.40 Advertising,
    • Trainings, master classes - 80.42 Adult education and other types of education not included in other groups,
    • Marketing, PR - 74.14 Advice on business and management,
    • Recruitment - 74.50 Recruitment and staffing,
    • Translation services - 74.83 Provision of secretarial, editorial and translation services,
    • Copywriting - 92.31.2 Activities in the field of art, literary and performing arts.

    Classifier OKVED quite large, and you can see it completely on the website Consultant Plus .

    Registration IP

    You can apply for registration of IP via the Internet. This is the easiest and fastest way, for this you need:
    • have a TIN,
    • personally receive documents at the tax at the place of residence.

    If you do not have a TIN or you live in another city, then you can go through the usual registration of IP.

    IP registration via the Internet

    To make an application, go to the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia . Fill in the passport data, select the OKVED codes and pay the state fee. The state duty for registration of IP is 800 rubles. You can pay it via the Internet or by receipt, which will be generated automatically, in any branch of Sberbank.

    After sending the application within three days you will receive an invitation from the tax. To receive documents, take with you:
    • original and copy of the passport (usually it is enough to make a copy of only the first page of the passport and the page with registration on one sheet),
    • document on payment of state duty (receipt or printout from the Internet bank),
    • notification of the transition to the simplified tax system (if necessary).

    If you do not have time to receive the documents, the application is canceled. It can be issued again, you do not need to pay the state fee again.

    Regular registration of IP

    For the usual registration of IP in the tax, you must submit:
    • application for registration of IP,
    • original and copy of passport,
    • State duty receipt
    • notification of the transition to the simplified tax system (if necessary).

    Tip . The whole package of documents for registering an IP, including a notice of transition to the simplified tax system and detailed instructions, can be generated on the My Account website of Internet accounting .

    If you live in another city,

    you can send the IP registration documents by mail with a letter of declared value and a list of investments. In this case, the application for registration of the individual entrepreneur and a copy of the passport must be notarized.

    Transition to STS

    STS is a simplified tax system. To switch to the simplified tax system, you need to submit a notification of the transition to the simplified tax system or simultaneously with the documents for registration of individual entrepreneurs, or within 30 days after registration.

    When switching to the simplified tax system, you can choose income 6% or income minus expenses 15%. Income minus expenses is beneficial to apply if expenses are more than 60% of income. This applies to companies that have large expenses for renting premises, paying salaries, etc. For freelance, USN revenues of 6% are more suitable.

    The final stage

    After you have received documents on registration of individual entrepreneurs, you can open a current account and work. No one needs to be notified of opening an account. Additionally, registering with funds (PFR, FSS), while you do not have employees, is also not necessary.

    To open a current account, you may need a letter with statistics codes. In Moscow, this information can be downloaded electronically on the Statregister website . She will appear within two weeks after registration.

    Payment account

    When choosing a bank, pay attention to the cost of opening and servicing a current account, Internet banking, sending one payment order. This is what the main costs of banking services will be made up of.

    Due to the fact that the license was revoked, many entrepreneurs have a question, which bank is better to open a current account. For us, this is also relevant. Of all the banks that we managed to see, we liked the conditions at 2Tbank the most. Opening a current account and connecting to Internet banking is free. The service is completely remote. Account details will be available immediately after placing the application on the site. You do not need to visit the bank office to sign documents, the manager will come by himself, give out a USB token to enter the Internet bank and a free business card for withdrawing and replenishing cash. Maintenance per month is 290 rubles, the cost of one payment order is 16 rubles. There is a tariff without a monthly fee, but the cost of one payment order is 99 rubles. (Payments on taxes and contributions on both tariffs are free of charge.)

    The only minus is that the Internet bank so far works only on Windows, but as we were told in technical support, a release for Mac OS will be released in October.

    It is not necessary to open a current account in a large bank. From January 1, 2014, money in the IP account is insured by the state in the amount of 700,000 rubles. Therefore, you can choose an inexpensive, convenient, modern bank, and it will be as safe as a large one.

    If you have any questions, write in the comments.

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