Wal Commander - replacing Far Manager under OS X and Linux

    Hi Habr!

    In August I wrote a post on Habr about how the open file manager Wal Commander began to develop. After that, the habraeffect appeared: six people came to GitHub with pull requests, and fifty letters with various wishes, bug reports and requests to add features fell on the mail. Most of them were implemented in version 0.17 , which we released in September. But that’s not the point at all ...

    The most important improvement is that the project now works on OS X. So far, through the X11 server XQuartz, but still it is already a full-fledged file manager for OS X, which is as close as possible to what Far Manager on Windows looks like with standard plug-ins ( FTP, Colorer). I think the project will be interesting to everyone who spent a lot of time under Windows using Far and would like to use a familiar tool on OS X and Linux.


    The project is written in C ++ (with elements of C ++ 11) and is being developed on GitHub under the MIT license. Windows, Linux, OS X and FreeBSD are already supported. On the project website, you can find ready-made builds of the release version for different platforms: wcm.linderdaum.com

    The main innovations in two months:

    • OS X support (quick build guide )
    • apply the command to a group of files (Ctrl + G)
    • autocomplete on the history of teams
    • file associations
    • switching between editor / viewer and file manager windows (so far only 1 editor / viewer instance)
    • moving according to the words in the editor, completely similar to Far Manager (it remains to make only a virtual space and, possibly, some specific keyboard shortcuts)
    • huge number of smaller additions and improvements (full list )

    Plans for the next big release 0.18 (somewhere around the New Year):

    • file coloring groups in panels
    • autocomplete commands for files in the current folder
    • autocomplete in all input fields (according to the input history in this field)
    • file attributes dialog (Ctrl + A)
    • improve the interface of file search results (for the viewer and editor to work directly from the list of found files)

    Compared to the original Wal Commander (it was developed only by Valery Goryachev), features are added at a tremendous speed, mainly due to the support and feedback of people who found the project interesting. Feedback in the form of comments, suggestions, comments and pull requests is greatly appreciated.

    PS People are needed who would help the project get into the stable distribution of Ubuntu 2016. Habr is big and I would like to hope that there are such people here. Perhaps our project will interest them.


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