Windows 95 on Samsung Gear Live Smart Watch

    windows 95 gear live

    An announcement picture is not a photoshop, despite all the strangeness of this image. The fact is that one of the Reddit users was able to launch the Windows 95 operating system (there probably are users on the Habré who have never seen or worked with this OS) on the modern Samsung Gear Live smart watch.

    Of course, the functionality of Windows 95 on this watch is limited, since no one specifically set out to fit the OS with hardware and device capabilities. Nevertheless, the fact of launching the operating system, which is already about 20 years old, on modern watches is very interesting.

    The launch was made possible due to the fact that the watch itself runs on the Android Wear operating system, and Android itself allows you to run the ADOSBOX emulator. It was in the ADOSBOX environment that Windows was launched.

    Via reddit

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