10 tools to work on increasing the conversion of an online store

    What if high traffic to your site does not affect the number of your sales?
    When you sell goods and services through an online store, your marketer is worried not only about the number of visits to the store, much of the attention of modern marketing is focused on conversion.
    To start working with site conversion, for a start, you need to answer yourself two questions:
    • What affects the frequency of purchases on your site?
    • Why do most people leave your site without making a single purchase?

    According to Baymard.com, an average of about 65% of online store visitors never become their customers. Why it happens? It can be difficult to answer this question when you do not have the opportunity to communicate with your customers in person. It is one thing to listen to the opinion of the client when he comes to your store, another is to do it online. In this case, obtaining the necessary information is rather difficult, but, fortunately, it is possible.

    We have compiled a list of the 10 most popular tools for versatile work on the conversion of an online store.
    But before we get started, let's look at a number of main reasons why potential customers leave the website more often before making a purchase. So:
    1. Additional commission (more than 56% of buyers claim that it is precisely the additional commission for the use of certain services that is the main reason for refusing to purchase goods).
    2. Slow page loading and difficult site navigation.
    3. Foreign currency or the impossibility of payment (an international online store should provide several types of currency and payment methods, which are most often used in delivery countries).

    Keeping customers on the site is quite difficult, and motivating them to place an order can be even more difficult. In order not to lose a potential customer, you should pay attention to those factors that may affect his decision. Naturally, it is much easier to keep a client before he leaves the website than to establish contact with him after a failed transaction.
    A few simple tips that you probably already know about, but a reminder is always helpful:
    • for successful sales you need to be able to clearly present your product, use high-quality photographs for this, give a full description that will have the most relevant and accurate information about what you offer,
    • do not forget about the security measures of transactions on the site (about 17% of the total amount of buyers do not make purchases due to uncertainty about the security of transactions),
    • Simplify the process of purchasing goods to a minimum: give your client the opportunity to avoid mandatory registration, and instead, offer him online support, provide, for example, free delivery (if possible)
    • Do not forget about money back guarantees in case the buyer does not receive his goods, or wishes to return it within 14 days.

    If you still couldn’t keep the client on the site, a competent email distribution can help return it. At the moment, it is the most effective method of returning old customers . In any case, to collect information, catalog, create reports and work with this information, there are many tools with a different set of functions, let's move on to our top 10.


    One of the deservedly popular online marketing solutions is the international platform for creating and promoting Shopify online projects . It offers fast and secure hosting, and also provides support for your customers, has the whole set of necessary tools for online marketing and practical design.
    She also has several useful additions, for example:
    This supplement enhances sales by providing customer feedback.
    Abandon App.
    Using the Abandon App, you can restore the list of failed deals and reduce your time searching for contact details of customers who left the site.
    Abandon Aid.
    This Shopify add-on gives you the opportunity to make a complete analysis of customers who visited your site but never made a single purchase.


    The Rejoiner tool helps to personalize remarketing letters, evaluating their effectiveness, as well as transform abandoned order forms into an active database of potential customers.
    A fairly high percentage of visitors going to the site select a product and add it to the basket by entering their data in the order form. It is not a fact that a person will make a purchase, but the data on his order will remain in your database. In turn, Rejoiner helps to recreate this very base of lost customers.
    The concept of this tool is quite simple: with the help of Rejoiner we collect the necessary data previously conducted by your users, personify it, and then it's up to email marketing.


    The main purpose of this tool is to answer the question: “Why do not visitors place an order on the site?”.
    Qualaroo will help analyze among site visitors and determine:
    • Pages with the smallest number of orders
    • Pages where your customers spend too much time
    • Reasons visitors don't like your site


    The main function of this tool is remarketing on social networks. He can redirect your visitors through accounts on Twitter or Facebook, as well as other social networks.
    More than 15,000 well-known brands such as GoPro, SalesForce, Zendesk use AdRoll . It is considered extremely useful in re-engaging customers. With it, you can place and personalize your ad to display previously viewed products.
    It tracks over 300 different signals and is able to segment the base of visitors and customers based on the products they viewed. Orientation of people and a selection of interesting offers significantly increases the number of sales on the site. And finally, AdRoll has another function - Analytics, thanks to which you can analyze your advertising budget.

    Conversions on Demand

    Conversions on Demand is a great solution that helps prevent deal breakdowns in the present and insures against possible cancellations of orders in the future. He has the following functions in his arsenal:
    • Daily Deal Bar - easy checkout.
    • Email Catapult - Email distribution (similar to the Rejoiner tool).
    • The Cart Closer is the best tool to prevent refusals (if you suspect an order failure, it pops up a pop-up window that helps convince the customer not to leave your website).
    • CrowdWisdom is a tool for measuring website performance.
    • EZ-Test allows you to compare sales on your site with and without Conversions on Demand.
    • Analytics - analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of your sales.
    • Time2Buy is a tool that motivates the purchase of goods even not too loyal visitors to your site. It has a convenient interface, with its help you can enable or disable the included functions on the toolbar, or simply change their settings.


    Using CrazyEgg, you can accurately determine where and what your visitor clicked on while on the site, even if he didn’t follow any links. If you can see open links with Google Analytics, then CrazyEgg will give a list of page elements that the visitor has pointed or clicked on.
    This data is displayed as HeatMaps.
    Benefits of CrazyEgg:
    • With CrazyEg, you can determine which parts of your webpage are most in focus.
    • The tool shows even non-clickable parts of the page (your visitors can click on the place where they may be hoping to get more information about a particular product, and if the item is not clickable, CrazyEgg will display this in the general statistics).
    • If you have multiple links leading to the same product on the same page, CrazyEgg will show you which one is the most clickable.


    Nothing helps to understand the client better than his feedback on the operation of your site.
    Olark is an application that can do it in an easy and unobtrusive way, you can ask the client questions you are interested in and immediately get an instant answer.
    Many customers avoid telephone calls, because, firstly, it is not always convenient. Live chat, in turn, does not force a conversation, and at the same time helps you collect the necessary data, for example:
    • What pages are not interesting for your user?
    • Which products are poorly described or require more specific information?
    • What are the comments on the operation of the site, as well as on servicing your customers?
    • What should you do to convince your customers to make a purchase on the site?

    Make your list of questions that you would like to ask your customers, for example: “Will you tell your friends about our site?”, “What other products would you like to see on the site?”, Etc.
    Studies show that live chat significantly helps increase conversions.


    Reviews are a necessary part of online marketing. Studies show that the database of reviews about your products or your site from previous customers is a very convincing sales tool. It should also be remembered that the mass of positive reviews is very striking and can cause distrust. Reviews on the site should be both positive and negative. In any case, do not overdo it with enthusiastic comments.
    The main feature of YotPo is an e-mail to customers who have placed an order on your site within X days (data can be configured). In the letter, you can ask your buyer to share feedback on the product, its quality and the transaction as a whole.
    This newsletter will help not only get the necessary reviews, but also make the buyer return to the site again. In addition, with the help of Yotpo you can set up special social widgets that allow you to see the reviews left on social networks.


    It's time to test your loyal customers (people who are really interested in your website visit it and shop).
    Ethnio is a so-called pop-up window that allows you to interview your customers. A pop-up window usually raises the question of whether a particular buyer would like to take part in a survey to improve the quality of customer service.
    The survey text can be customized according to your goals. To lure the customer and make him answer the question you are interested in, offer him some discount on his next purchase or an additional bonus.


    ClickTale makes it possible to view the screens of your visitors, that is, to see what a particular buyer did on your site. This tool is somewhat reminiscent of CrazyEgg. He, like CrazyEgg, captures the movement of the mouse, as well as keystrokes while viewing the page.
    The advantage of this tool is that with its help you can see all the actions performed by a site visitor on a particular page. And this, in turn, will help to understand which pages or which blocks are really interesting for your customers and which are not; You can track the frequency and duration of visitors on your site or on a specific page. In addition, it helps to work with order forms - by looking in the report which form fields most often remain unexpanded.
    ClickTale is a great way to understand how well people interact with your website.

    So, this is a dozen of the basic tools necessary to increase the effectiveness of online sales. At the moment, there are many other solutions, but these 10 are exactly what you should start with. They have repeatedly proven their effectiveness.
    What conversion tools do you use? Perhaps you know more convenient or functional than those presented above?
    Information taken from osiaffiliate.com

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