Ciklum Android Practice Leaders Meet-Up // Groovy on Android, Dnepropetrovsk, October 9

    October 9, Сiklum will delight the Dnepropetrovsk audience interested in developing Android applications.
    We invite everyone to join the next meeting of the Android Practice Leaders Community dedicated to Groovy .

    “A good developer is always trying to increase his efficiency. We choose new frameworks, study new approaches, trying to stay on the wave of the latest innovations. This is especially true for mobile developers, as today it is probably the fastest growing area in IT. Most recently, Apple introduced the public a new language - Swift, many of us already had the opportunity to work with it. Without a doubt, it will become more popular than Objective-C. But is there a decent alternative for Android? There is! And her name is Groovy! ”

    At this seminar, an experienced cross-platform developer Alexander Leushchenko will consider Java, Swift, and Groovy code examples , as well as focus on how you can easily take full advantage of Groovy without rewriting your Android application from scratch.

    Participation in the event is free of charge by prior registration

    Date: October 9, 2014
    Time: 19:00 - 20:30
    Location: Dnepropetrovsk, ul.Barrikadnaya, 15-a, building 3. 12 floor.

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