Health through the ass: smart pillow released on Kickstarter

    Sit back, something appeared on Kickstarter, it seems, is very necessary for us: a smart pillow Darma for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In contrast to numerous user activity trackers, this is an inactivity tracker, or, one might say, a representative of a new class of smartass devices.

    Inside the pillow - 6 sensors with a thickness of only 1 mm, the result of five years of development by a group of Chinese engineers. They claim that it captures breathing, pulse, stress level (sorry, it is not explained how), and the sitting position is more accurate and more effective than any other device on the market.

    Darma sensors are medically accurate

    Evolution of the Darma circuit board

    In combination with a mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop application, the pillow prevents the owner from swimming in fat: having studied the user's habits, Darma advises the correct posture:

    We straighten the back

    reminds you when to get up:

    - You sat on my purse, or what?

    recommends exercises for stretching:

    - Mr. President, if the sanctions do not work, just try to cut him with an elbow.

    “Darma” is named after Bodhidharma , patriarch of Buddhism and inventor of Zen and meditation. The idea is to combine wisdom and a sedentary lifestyle. Say, if she fixes stress, she will advise breathing exercises:

    Time to meditate a little

    Fundraising is ongoing, but three times more than the declared amount of $ 40 thousand has already been raised. According to the project schedule, Darma will go into mass production in May next year, and the first customers will receive them in June. The price of $ 199 makes it a very interesting offer in a number of different fitness gadgets - it does not show time, but it knows much more about your health.

    The pillow's operating time is a month from a single charge. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about it is that if a battery sits in an iPhone, it will turn into a brick with a glass surface. And if the battery sits in the "Darma" - it will still remain a pillow! By the way, Darma is compatible with Apple Healthkit.

    For those who are not ready to wait until June - a couple more devices in this genre:

    I finished the news and wanted to get up and walk. Of course, I restrained myself, but the impulse was counted. Good pillow!

    Darma on Kickstarter:

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