New Wearable Electronics: Basis Peak, Misfit Flash, and Pebble Update

    After the announcement of the Apple Watch, the market for wearable devices began to boil slightly and various existing startups hurried to announce new products or change plans. About the news of recent weeks this post.

    Basis Peak
    Remember the Basis B1 watch ? They knew how to track the pulse, skin temperature, quality of sleep, and monitored your activity. True, they were distinguished by poor design and the inability to measure the pulse during training, as is done, for example, by Mio Alpha . The company Basis Science, which is engaged in the development of wearable electronics, this year bought Intel. And one would think that now all developments will be aimed at improving Intel technologies, but no. The other day, Basis introduced a new gadget called Peak.

    Peak is more a watch, or more precisely, it is still a monitor of a person’s physical activity, but in the form of a watch and with the functionality of a smart watch. The screen of the gadget is monochrome, very contrasting, but, most importantly, it has low power consumption. In general, thanks to this screen, Peak watches are similar to the famous Pebble, but rotated 90 degrees.

    Undoubtedly, Peak is equipped with the latest sensors and sensors. There is also an optical heart rate sensor, and a skin-galvanic reaction sensor, which allows you to analyze the psycho-emotional state of a person, there is even a temperature sensor. Thanks to this set, the new Basis Peak can do everything that modern fitness trackers do. This is a count of the number of steps taken, distance, number of calories burned, saving data on heart rate, sweating, temperature, dynamics in training and, of course, sleep analysis.

    The new watch from Basis Science can work with devices on iOS or Android using a proprietary application that connects to the gadget using Bluetooth LE. In addition, in conjunction with a smartphone, Peak can show notifications of calls, events, messages, and even email. This functionality will not be available from the first version of the firmware, but is referred to as planned.

    As for its moisture-proof features, the watch can be immersed in water to a depth of 50 meters. Peak's operating time is up to 4 days, however, it is not yet clear in what mode.

    List of declared functions and characteristics of Basis Peak:
    - 5 sensors for measuring heart rate, movements, sweating and body temperature;
    - automatic recognition of the type of activity (walking, jogging, cycling, sleeping and its phases) using BodyIQ technology
    - advanced sleep analysis technology for determining phases (fast REM sleep, deep, movement, etc.) and sleep quality
    - a system of healthy habits through completing tasks and insights about your health.
    - support for notifications from a smartphone (iOS and Android)
    - measurement of heart rate during training (like Mio Alpha)
    - mobile application with detailed statistics
    - ultra-strong Gorilla Glass 3
    - water resistant to 5 ATM

    Where to buy, price, sales start date:
    The cost of the device in the US is $ 200, and sales begin in November 2014.
    While you can pre-order on the official website or on .
    The previous Basis B1 and Basis B1 Carbon models are available on for 7,990 rubles and 8,990 rubles .

    Misfit Flash

    Misfit has introduced a new fitness tracker called Misfit Flash. The price for the tracker was declared deadly - only $ 49.
    From the first Shine fitness tracker, the new model is distinguished by body material.
    Shine is made from anodized aluminum and Flash is made from plastic. Available 7 color solutions Misfit Flash (though 3 of them will be exclusively available at Best Buy).

    The Misfit Flash fitness tracker can count steps, distance traveled, determine sleep quality, and the number of calories burned. The device itself is able to recognize running, cycling and swimming.
    The battery life of the new tracker will be approximately 6 months. After discharging, you just need to replace the CR2032 standard battery.
    With Flash you can swim and even dive to a depth of 30 meters.
    To indicate the level of physical activity, Misfit Flash uses indicators located along the edge of the tracker. These lights show how close or far the user is to their target.

    Physical activity goals can be set in the application. The statistics and dynamics of your classes are also displayed there.
    Misfit Flash supports smartphones on iOS and Android since version 4.3.

    Where to buy, price, sales start date:
    The cost of the device in the US is $ 49, and sales begin in mid-October 2014.
    You can pre-order on the official website or on .
    Let me remind you that you can buy Misfit Shine now on for 4490 rubles .

    Startup Pebble is well aware that he will have to fight giants like Apple, Sony, Samsung and LG.
    Pebble managed to beat Koreans and Japanese quite easily:

    According to the Catalys analytics service, Pebble became the leader in the smart watch market, Pebble and Pebble Steel accounted for 35% of the total smart watch market in the world in the first quarter of 2014.

    But Apple Watch, despite so far mediocre specifications, everyone is afraid.
    So, on October 1, Pebble released a very important update for the Pebble and Pebble Steel watches. Pebble is expanding the ecosystem of its gadgets and now they support applications that monitor physical activity in the background, that is, Pebble is now not a new-fashioned gadget for displaying notifications, but a full-fledged fitness tracker.

    Eric Mikigovski (CEO Pebble) said they had long wanted to expand functionality, but for about half a year they tested whether the battery life would decrease significantly. And the results obtained satisfied them. Calorie accounting and sleep monitoring do not affect the interface rendering speed, and the battery life is reduced by half a day maximum, this is a reasonable fee for the functions of a fitness tracker.
    The first who developed a special application with the fitness tracker features for Pebble were the guys from Misfit startup.
    News of this came out on June 24th .

    The first version of the application did not allow tracking the number of steps taken in the background, which rather limited the use of new functionality.

    On September 30, Jawbone,, and Misfit announced a collaboration with Pebble. For these companies, integration with Pebble makes it possible to repeatedly increase the base of their users, and to tell about themselves to those who did not yet know about the world of fitness trackers.
    Pebble especially distinguished among partners, since the function of calculating the distance when swimming is available on the market only in models like Garmin Swim and more expensive models of sports watches, which can not be called smart. For swimmers (if the functionality does not fail), integration is just a holiday.

    Pebble firmware 2.6 detailed description:

    NEW: Activity. Activity tracking apps (e.g. Jawbone, Misfit, for Pebble now run in the background. Fitness applications are installed and configured via the Pebble Settings menu. The Activity icon is displayed in the Pebble menu when the fitness application is installed and running.
    NEW : Quick start. Set the shortcut for your favorite application by long pressing the Up or Down button (buttons on the right side of the watch). You can enable the Quick Launch function through the Pebble Settings menu.
    The battery icon is now displayed on all screens of the clock settings menu.
    Bug fixes and improved functionality.

    To upgrade to the latest firmware version:
    Open the Pebble app on your smartphone running iOS or Android.
    Select Support »Update Your Pebble from the menu if the update is not automatically offered.
    IMPORTANT: The new firmware version does not support Cyrillic by default.
    You can download custom firmware with Cyrillic support (as before) at .

    An unexpected step from Pebble was a reduction in the price of watches by $ 50.
    Now Pebble watches cost $ 99, and Pebble Steel only $ 200. You can now buy them in dozens of stores around the world, including on
    With delivery to Russia, the watch will cost you about ~ 5500 rubles Pebble and ~ 10 000 rubles Pebble Steel.
    I add that Pebble's retail prices are now lower than the wholesale prices at which Pebble shipped the watch earlier (including in Madrobots).
    For us, the price reduction was a complete surprise.

    The Madrobots Pebble are available at a price of 6,990 rubles, and Pebble Steel 10,990 rubles.
    Madrobots is the official distributor of Pebble and provides Pebble warranty support in the Russian Federation.

    Buy a Pebble watch for 6990 rubles.
    Buy a Pebble steel watch for 10,990 rubles.
    Buy a Pebble Time watch for 18 990 rubles.

    Let me remind you that we always have a 5% discount for Habr users using the HABR code, and below you will find stunning news that will make our offer comparable to lowering the price of Pebble.

    MadRobots and PayPal
    We began to cooperate with the PayPal payment system. If someone is not up to date, this is the most popular system for sending and receiving payments in the world. Now you can pay for your purchases with interesting gadgets using PayPal.
    In fact, this is the same payment by credit card, but in conjunction with the PayPal account with all the ensuing consequences (customer protection, the possibility of a refund).

    In honor of the start of cooperation, we launched a special pagewhere users can get a discount of up to 20% on any gadget from the Madrobots assortment. The size of the discount depends on the average number of steps taken in the last 2 weeks. To find out the size of your discount and get a coupon, you will need to log in to the site using one of the fitness tracking services. We support all popular services in Russia - Runkeeper, Jawbone, Fitbit, Moves. Read the details and get a discount on the promotion page .
    The promotion will last until November 17, so if you now have nothing to brag about and you spend most of the day sitting at the computer or on the couch, in just 2 weeks of activity, you can get the maximum discount on So get up from the table and go!
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