US retains part of nuclear warheads designed to destroy Earth in case of asteroid threat

    Such information was unearthed by journalists of the Wall Street Journal in the report of the National Nuclear Safety Administration of the US Audit Chamber. They write that components containing highly enriched uranium that are destined for disassembly next year will be stored, at least temporarily, in case they are needed to protect against giant asteroids that threaten the Earth.

    Destruction of an asteriod by a nuclear charge (from the site of the laboratory of Los Alamos )

    An example of numerous Hollywood films in which a nuclear attack on asteroids constantly ended in failure, and without Bruce Willis (at worst - Elijah Wood), an inevitable exterminatus would have awaited the planet, the American government did not teach anything. At the same time, last year's Chelyabinsk meteorite was the largest meteorite that has entered our atmosphere in recent years, with an estimated radius of 20 meters, and large asteroids (from 1 km in diameter) in the next hundred years, according to NASA, we don’t threaten.


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