TinyScreen + TinyDuino - an easy way to create smart watches or do-it-yourself smart glasses

    In 2012, a project called TinyDuino appeared on Kickstarter . This is an Arduino-compatible mini-card, on the basis of which you can create all kinds of miniature devices. TinyDuino needed only 10 thousand dollars to start mass production, but the campaign ultimately raised 109 thousand US dollars.

    Now the TinyDuino project is developing, additional modules have appeared, including various kinds of wireless chips, sensors, etc. In addition, the same manufacturer recently launched another campaign to raise funds for a tiny screen for its miniature board. And the project has already scored twice as much as planned: 33 thousand dollars instead of 15 thousand. There are 25 days left until the end of the gathering, so the campaign is quite successful.

    But let's not deviate from the topic: the main thing here is not the price, but the capabilities of the TinyScreen + TinyDuino kit. According to the developer, the display connects to the board in a few seconds, after which the user can create their own smart watches, glasses, and other wearable devices, at their discretion.

    System features

    This is how the display connects to the board.

    The display comes with several applications that work out of the box: smart watches, toys, and more. The display is equipped with several functional buttons, which allows you to manage applications without any problems. If you do not know how to program, then this is not required: devices can be created based on preinstalled applications. But if you want something more advanced, there is such an opportunity: you can write your own applications.

    In this photo, for example, the display shows the server load:

    To create your own applications, Codebender is used - a web platform for Arduino that simplifies the use of TinyScreen.

    When creating an application for the device, it is enough to use the specified service, then connect your device to the PC, and the program is downloaded to the system, after which (provided, of course, that the program is functional) it starts working with new equipment.

    Smart watch with a case printed on a 3D printer

    Example of a miniature game console with Flappy Bird

    Smart glasses

    Additional functions

    The project also offers additional modules, including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, RAM modules, a slot for microSD, Bluetooth and everything else that can come in handy. So based on the system, you can create very complex and functional smart devices.

    All software and hardware is Open Source, the development team actively supports the idea of ​​Open Source Hardware and Software.

    All files of the TinyDuino platform can be downloaded from the developer's site to modify the board. Software sources are also available.


    The display itself costs only $ 20, deliveries will begin in January 2015. A further $ 40 will be pulled by the TinyDuino baseboard. Thus, a smartwatch of its own design can be collected for 70-150 dollars, depending on the functionality of the device (you may have to buy additional modules).

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