Google turned 20 years old

    Today Google has officially turned 20 years old ! Twenty years, the word " google " has firmly entered our language .

    This is how Google looked two decades ago:

    In fact, the company was founded on September 4, 1998. But the technology PageRank , which formed the basis of Google search, was born back in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin , who then studied at Stanford University in California.

    The main domain of the search engine was registered on September 15. But in the company itself the birthday is celebrated on September 27. It is noteworthy that Page and Brin originally named their search engine BackRub, because the system checked backlinks to assess the importance of the site.

    In honor of the round date, instead of the usual doodle, the company placed on the main page a Youtube-clip that collected various sign events that “Google” visitors during the existence of the search engine.

    On a special holiday page that has a slightly tangled look, you can see the most relevant search queries for 20 years and the history of changes in their popularity:

    History of changes in the main page of a search engine with one gif:


    The official blog of Google Russia published a virtual tour of the garage by Susan Vojiski, in which Page and Brin began work on technologies to streamline all the information in the world. CRT monitors, semi-assembled system blocks, and around - a mess ... The FastCompany publication offers a tour of the past, to remember how some Google products looked at the moment shortly after its launch. Remember Google Talk? Is it easy to find out Youtube? Yandex decided not to stand aside and congratulated his overseas competitor on his birthday




    , repaint your own logo in branded google colors. Moreover, because of the difference in time zones, Yandex began celebrating a birthday before the birthday boy himself. By the way, Yandex had its own holiday just recently - on September 23, Yandex celebrated its 21st anniversary.


    Google Congratulations!

    Posted by Yandex on  Wednesday, September 26, 2018

    Over the years of its existence, Google managed to visit the “ corporation of good ”, to give up this title , go to the dark side several times and go back . It is possible to relate to Google differently, but one thing is for sure - in many respects the reality surrounding us is what it is, precisely because of the search engine. And it’s almost impossible to overestimate Google’s contribution to our daily lives.

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