Webinar: HR Branding for Startups Now!

    Webinar on the topic: “HR-branding for startups” right now at the link >>
    Speaker - Maria Makarova, Operations Director, HR Agency ICHAR.

    HR branding is a relatively new concept for Russia. Large companies have already realized that positioning themselves in the HR market is a serious field for activity, and have deployed their advertising banners. But small business so far holds the idea that HR-branding is difficult, expensive and generally does not concern them. But it’s not in vain that they say “take care of the dress again, but honor from youth” - if you are planning to someday become a large company, of which there is a line of people who want to work there, it's time to think about HR branding now.

    As part of the webinar, you will receive answers to the following questions:
    - What is HR branding and why is a company needed
    - The relevance of HR-branding for startups, or Why or it's time to engage right now
    - HR-Branding Foundation - what even the smallest company has
    - HR-brand carriers inside and outside the company and their features
    - HR-brand diagnostics: how to find out About The Truth About You
    - HR

    Brand Information Distribution Channels Participation in the webinar is free and without registration.

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