Do it yourself! Kite aerial photography, KAPing training video

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Want to see your house from a bird's eye view? And fly over forests and cities? In this post I will talk about amateur aerial photography. I will show you how to take photos and videos from a kite without any special expenses.


Kite and camera

Any snake is suitable here, if only it would fly. I took the cheapest, for 7 hryvnia. And the camera is preferably not very heavy. A camera or mobile phone will do. My snake easily lifted a NOKIA phone, weighing a little more than 100 grams, even in a little wind!


But not so simple!

The camera in the air is very loose! As soon as I did not attach it to the snake, the image turned out to be trembling greatly, and the pictures were blurry. After several test runs, I realized that the camera should not be attached to the snake itself, but to the fishing line. The camera should be no closer than 30 meters from the snake, otherwise it will be very loose. You probably want to run the camera high in the sky! Therefore, it’s better to buy a whole kilometer at once. Suitable for 0.4 or 0.6 fishing. And it is better to reel it on a reel from an old fishing rod, attached to a screwdriver. Firstly, it will not be confused, and secondly, the fishing line will not be loosened, as when winding by hands. The movements are smooth, and the shaking is minimal. Watch my test video clip!

Warnings and safety precautions

At first, I was worried that the camera could break from falling from a greater height, but practice has shown that the kite lowers the camera very smoothly, like a parachute. Therefore, I do not protect the camera from shock. A much greater danger is that the snake likes to land in the most inappropriate places! The wind may stop or change direction and the kite will fly to the top of the tree. Or how I did it - right into the river! The snake quickly got wet and went to the bottom ... But fortunately the fishing line was strong enough and we were able to pull the camera to the surface through the algae.

Better to see once than to hear 100 times. Watch the video where I described the aerial photography process in detail:

And if the wind is weak?

No problem! You can run the snake from a scooter, bike or run. The main thing is that he would gain height, at the top the wind is always stronger and more stable than at the bottom. As you can see, nothing complicated. Try it, you can do it! It is very exciting. Share your experiences in the comments. You can send your video to us, together we will discuss the best aspects of your video. Well, in order for the video to turn out to be successful, remember:
- it’s better to attach the camera to the fishing line, and not to the snake
- it’s better to run it in an open place, without trees
- it’s convenient to wind the line onto a reel with a screwdriver.




Never fly a snake in a thunderstorm! You probably wonder why? Therefore, in the next post I will describe how I will launch a snake during a severe thunderstorm, which also has a metal wire on board! I know, my reader, that is exactly what you want!
The most interesting is just beginning!

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