Panasonic's smart mirror gives tips on appearance

    Household appliances, including refrigerators, coffee makers, microwaves, are gradually getting smarter. Manufacturers equip such devices with new electronic components, write special software, and as a result, devices can order products on the Web, start making coffee when the owner approaches the house, and perform other necessary functions.

    Sometimes even things from which no one expected this to become “smart”. For example, Panasonic is currently working on a high-tech mirror project, a prototype of which was presented at IFA 2014.

    The system looks like an ordinary mirror, and performs similar functions. Nevertheless, an electronic adviser is built into this mirror, which can give a detailed analysis of the skin condition. In addition, the same adviser can prescribe a diet, as well as give recommendations on the use of various types of cosmetics.

    This device has clearly gone far from the fabulous "light my mirror, say it." The mirror will quite honestly answer about the condition of the skin of the face, and can show cosmetic devices that will become useful to the owner of this mirror.

    In addition, girls do not have to apply different types of makeup to figure out which one goes best. The mirror will apply virtual makeup to your face in seconds. The device database has many tips from professional beauticians.

    Currently, the project is being finalized by the company's specialists, but what is already there was shown at the Berlin exhibition.

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