The battle for the lowest rating

    The owners of the Italian restaurant Botto Bistro in Richmond (California) asked all guests, friends and relatives to put a minimum rating of one star in the popular service with Yelp reviews. Moreover, visitors are offered discounts on food if they give such a rating!

    The riddle is explained simply: Botto Bistro really wants to get to the last place in the ranking (and keep it).

    Having received the last place, a private restaurant will attract the attention of a large number of public. By all laws of marketing, traffic should increase. At least among the loyal audience, everyone knows that their beloved Botto Bistro is participating in such a competition - and no one will refuse to go to the "worst restaurant in the city."

    Many regular visitors were enthusiastic about the request, and Yelp is now full of 1 star ratings and negative reviews in the style of “Employees and restaurant owners are talking to you as if they are friendly and all that. I can not stand friendly people, and if you have to communicate, it is better to communicate with the phone. Returning to the pizza. Why are there so many gourmet seasonings on the menu? All you need is pizza with cheese and pizza with curry and cheese. I don’t recommend going to this restaurant to anyone who loves curry pizza. ”

    The Botto Bistro strategy is a good addition to the history of the owner of the Serbian Crown restaurantwhose business went broke due to poor online reputation management. There, the owner did not notice that competitors corrected the opening hours of his restaurant. Here, the owners, on the contrary, very carefully monitor the online reputation and make every effort so that it is minimal.

    Now they have a proud inscription on their website: "They hate us on Yelp!"

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