Corporate Das Experiment


    - Colleagues, we have serious problems with handling. - Svetlana Vladimirovna said seriously. - If it goes further, the company can be closed.

    - What do you mean, Svetlana Vladimirovna? - Marina asked, director of quality.

    - And you do not know, Marina? - the director was surprised.

    - Well, I guess, of course. - Marina did not want to look stupid.

    - Performing discipline is the key problem. - Svetlana Vladimirovna did not develop the topic. - As long as employees do not do what they are told, in the time specified for them, we are in great danger.

    - Then we need a system! - Marina said enthusiastically.

    The rest were dejectedly silent.


    - I think it's not about technology. - Sergey continued. - Task management systems - full, choose any. In some other matter.

    - What else, Sergey? - Svetlana Vladimirovna asked tiredly. - We have people, processes too. I'm sure we just lack the system.

    - Well, how ... - Sergey hesitated. - I worked in several companies, everywhere there was some kind of task management system, but the result ...

    - And we have no system! - suddenly entered Marina. - We, as cavemen, are still carrying around with paper office memos!

    - Well, what's wrong? - Sergey frowned. - And then the general form? Paper, or email - what's the difference?

    - A huge difference! You look at your desk! - Marina raised her tone.

    - And what have I got?

    “He still doesn't know ...” Marina smirked. “You have official notes there!” Agreed by the director! But you do not perform them!

    - So, stop ... - Sergey clapped his hand on the table. - What are you, rummaging in my desk?

    - Lord, the secrets of the Madrid court! - Marina threw up her hands. - I had to! On a clean-up, if you remember, my department got cleaning in your office! So I looked at how Mr. CIO performs tasks!

    - Well ... - Sergey was embarrassed. - There are some helpers that you can not do ...

    - Well, everyone thinks so! - Marina continued. - You can do, you can not do. Under the table, under the chair, in the table, in the toilet - a lot of options, what to do with these papers! Nothing from anyone will not achieve!

    - Marina is right, Sergey. - Svetlana Vladimirovna narrowed her eyes. - If the managers hide the service notes, what about the line staff? So, the system will have to do and implement.

    - Ok, as you say. - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - It is necessary, it is necessary.


    - So, we go into the system, here we have three windows - instructions for me, instructions from me, instructions for my department. - Sergey showed a freshly baked system on the director’s computer. - And one big button - to put the order.

    - So, let's detail ... - moved Svetlana Vladimirovna.

    - Everything is simple here, and it was done, first of all, for the task designer. - Sergey continued. - We know from experience that the main problem with implementing task management systems is to drag managers into them, i.e. main task managers.

    - Why? - Svetlana Vladimirovna was surprised.

    - Because they like to manage in the old manner, on the sly. - Sergey explained patiently. - To set tasks verbally, maximum - via email. First, they like to hide the tasks they set from their colleagues.

    - How so? Why? - the director continued to be surprised.

    - Well, how ... - Sergey shrugged. - Because not all managers feel confident. Okay, subordinates - they will not ask “what kind of shit did he come up with?”, And if the task is seen by superiors, or parallel leaders, then such a question may well appear. Do you know the ancient Japanese saying?

    - Which one?

    - I do not remember exactly, but the meaning is this: in too transparent water, the fish do not live. - Sergey cleverly. - It is necessary that duck ducks - these are small algae, which tighten the surface of small ponds. Then the fish feel comfortable.

    - Hmm, ok. - Svetlana Vladimirovna shrugged her shoulders. - Now, with the system, they have no other choice. We'll have to set tasks here, and go out into the transparent plane.

    - OK. Secondly, managers are often intimidated by task setting systems, due to the complexity of issuing instructions. - Sergey continued. - Especially our, village managers, who are not used to working with computers in principle.

    - Let them get used to it. - the director said seriously. - We can not go on about the stereotypes.

    - Okay, I do not mind. So, we have this very simple. I chose an artist, wrote what had to be done, and sent it. Everything.

    - Everything? - Svetlana Vladimirovna was surprised. - And the task will appear at the performer?

    - Yes, at the same moment. And he will receive a notification of the task.

    - Perfectly! - smiled the director. - I want to try!


    - Well, what the fuck, Sergey? - Marina was indignant. - What does it mean “no need term”?

    - That means - not needed. - Sergey said wearily. - What for task need a deadline?

    “You ... are you an idiot?” - Marina asked politely. - Have you been working as a manager for a long time? You know what will happen if the task does not have a deadline?

    - Well, tell me ...

    - It will not be executed!

    - Do you know what will happen if the task has a deadline? - Sergey smiled.

    - Well enlighten, nerd hera.

    - You will never get results ahead of time. - said Sergey. - This is psychology, elementary. All modern concepts say that the timeline is not necessary. Besides, you will be tired of managing these terms. There is such a planning method - ASAP, as soon as possible, or in Russian - as soon as possible. Explain to your subordinates that tasks should be completed as quickly as possible. Then you will be surprised how quickly and clearly they will work.

    - Fuck you in the ass. - Marina mumbled tiredly. - I told you, you need to take a ready-made system, and not invent anything. In all systems, tasks have a deadline.

    - And all systems - shit on a stick. - Sergey nodded. - Well, that is, they look great, the charts there are beautiful, but the sense of them is exactly zero.

    - Oh, you forgot to ask. - Marina said sarcastically. - You are, in essence, a programmer. Do you understand? Just a programmer. You have no idea what control is. It is impossible for programmers to do task management systems. You need a technical task developed by managers. And you will execute it.

    - I have the best use for your technical task. - Sergey smiled. - Do you want to teach how to make a comfortable toilet paper from A4 office paper? Soft, pleasant for the body. You take it, in short (Sergey took a blank sheet from the pile on the table), and so you’re cheating (Sergey started rubbing a piece of paper, as if he was doing hand washing), you cheat, and ... Look! No, on, feel.

    - Moron, God forgive me ... - Marina rolled her eyes.

    - Yes, you do not extinguish, on, take it, I'll do it. - Seriously said Sergey.

    - So, stop clowning! - slammed the table by hand Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Sergey, I agree with Marina. Timing needed. If it is more convenient for you to set tasks without deadlines, set at the end of the year.

    - Svetlana Vladimirovna, I ... - began Sergey.

    - That's it, stopped the bazaar!


    - No, you see what he wrote to me here! - Marina was indignant. - Ensure timely verification of parts at the Quality Control Department! And this is a task from the chief engineer!

    “Hmm ...” Svetlana Vladimirovna said thoughtfully. - The task is somewhat strange.

    - Strange? - Marina was indignant. - Yes, this is some kind of idiocy! And I have to do it!

    - Why? - the director was surprised.

    “Because our clever man did the system!” - Marina pointed to Sergey. - When the task is set, it immediately falls into execution!

    - So go to him, talk. - Sergey said hesitantly. - Tell to cancel the task.

    - I do not want to go to anyone! - Marina switched to scream. - Fuck us such a system that makes go somewhere?

    - And walking is generally useful. - Sergey smiled. - And to communicate with people - too. Maybe treat you normally start.

    - Fuck you in the ass! - Marina screamed. - Made some shit, and grins sitting!

    - Marina, let's calm down. - said Svetlana Vladimirovna. - I understand your indignation. Sergey will think up something ...

    - Is there any shit again? Tips to give their stupid begin? About how I manage to deal with.

    - Not. - seriously said Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Sergey, what will you offer?

    - Well, I already suggested, let him go on foot. - Sergey said the same seriously. - The system will not replace human communication. Moreover, we are driving people into it forcibly. They resist. You demand from them - set tasks! So they put. Did not set the task - a bad leader. Put - good. Well, look like our Marinochka.

    - So, are you starting again, Sergey? - Svetlana Vladimirovna frowned. - In general, so. Add the ability to reject orders.

    - As you say.


    - What are you people, eh? - Marina screamed. “Why reject my orders?”
    The leaders were silent.

    - I'm interested too. - smiled Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Nobody rejects my orders.

    - Maybe because you all write shit in the tasks? - Sergey smiled. - Well, in general, you yourself asked to add the possibility of rejecting the task. That is rejected. Can I?

    - Yes, how can you! - Marina did not let up. - I am a leader, a top manager! If I set a task, it must be done!

    - Well, you reject the tasks of the chief engineer. - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - And do not explain the reasons.

    - Because he writes some nonsense! And I do not write nonsense! Only tasks that are consistent with the processes of the ISO standard!

    - Yes, what's the difference who writes what ... - Sergey raised his tone. - You must understand. Once there is an opportunity to reject the order, people will reject it. Especially - your shitty, useless tasks.

    - So, stop! - Svetlana Vladimirovna shouted. - Sergey, I have to add ... So, what to add ...

    - Let them write the reason for the rejection! - Marina interjected.

    - Yes exactly! - the director was delighted with the help. - Only - without fail!


    - Alexey, what do you allow yourself? - Marina screamed. - Is it permissible?

    - And what is wrong? - quietly asked the chief engineer. - You set the task, I completed it.

    - No shit you did not do! - Marina began to blush. - I asked ... No, I demanded to provide for approval the management process of industrial equipment! And you sent me last year, without a single edit!

    - Marina, do not mislead everyone. - Alexey was calm as a boa. - There were edits.

    - This is if you consider editing the change in the date of developing the document on the first page! - Marina continued. - And that's it! I can use the function of comparing documents in a text editor! I'll give you an order again!

    - Hmm, put. - Alexey shrugged. - Get the same document.

    - Alex, what's the matter? - Svetlana Vladimirovna asked wearily. - Why is this attitude?

    - Normal attitude. - said Alexey. - What is the problem, and this attitude. This is also for ISO certification.

    - So what? - Svetlana Vladimirovna was surprised.

    - I am not against certification, but why should I write these papers? We have a quality service, led by Marina. At all plants, the quality department writes papers, and the managers simply sign them.

    - We are not so! - suddenly outraged Svetlana Vladimirovna. - We do not get the ISO standard for show! We ourselves develop the processes, and do not download them from the Internet! And we are working on these processes! If you remember, I was the initiator of certification, not Marina!

    - Yes I remember. - still confused Alex. - I will.

    - What fairy tale do you live in, Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Sergey smiled. - Our processes - shit, forgive me. Exactly the same as everyone. And the brain ... hemorrhoids with them - many times more. I agree with Alexey. If our processes are developed by managers, and it turns out - like everyone else, then why should we do that? Let's download from the Internet, sign and let them lie. And it will work as it should, and not as expected.

    - We will work as expected! - continued the director on raised voices. - And you add a function to the system so that the initiator of the task can reject the result of the execution, with an explanation of the reason!


    - Well, what did you then stand and waved a mane, eh? - Svetlana Vladimirovna switched to slang. - This is not ordinary tasks! You all attended the meeting when I listed the instructions for everyone!

    - And what is wrong? - Sergey asked, who was late for the beginning of the meeting.

    - Kindergarten, that's what's wrong! - shouted Svetlana Vladimirovna. - And these are the leaders! Company color!

    - What happened, then? - Sergey asked carefully.

    - I put the instructions at the meeting ...

    - Well, I remember. - Sergey nodded. - Ksenia carefully recorded them in the protocol and, probably, entered into the system.

    - And they rejected them together!

    - Who?

    - These are the good people! - Svetlana Vladimirovna put her hand around the gathered top managers. - Honestly pressed the button, wrote a comment, the reason for the rejection, and calmed down!

    - Seriously? - Sergey smiled.

    - And what, it seems that I'm kidding? - unkindly smiled director.

    - No, of course ... - Sergey was confused.

    “And after all, not one, not one said anything at the meeting!” - Svetlana Vladimirovna continued. - They stood, as they said in our hostel, they shoved their tongues in the ass, they lacked courage, or what? Through the system, all bold, eh? And in my face to say - weak?

    The leaders sat looking in different directions. Who - in the window, who - on the table. With tongue in the ass, to put it in terms of the director.

    - So, you need to change something. - summed up Svetlana Vladimirovna. - Sergey, I want no one to reject my instructions put at the meeting. More precisely, not so ... so that those who attended the meeting could not reject.

    - Ok, let's do it.


    - Borsch - as they call it. - with a tired smile, said Sergey.

    - What? - Svetlana Vladimirovna did not understand.

    - Well, what is our system called? Order Management System. - began to explain Sergey. - Abbreviated - SUP.

    - Well ...

    - And when the task has a deadline, it becomes red ...

    - And? ...

    - Red SUP. Borscht. Favorite joke now with us. Do you have soup? No, for the time being, cabbage soup And I already have borsch.

    “Your mother ... What's wrong with people, eh?” - Svetlana Vladimirovna shook her head. - Nothing breaks through them. They made an excellent system, enjoy and rejoice ... And they are borsch ...

    - Why is it beautiful in it, Svetlana Vladimirovna? - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - They drove people into stalls, we make them walk along the paths, like in a madhouse. These are people, not robots. They don't want to be stupid performers. Especially knowing what tasks are put managers. Especially some.

    - Who are you talking about? About me?

    - No, you do not set a lot of tasks, and mostly - managers. I'm talking about the rest of the top managers. I have admin rights, I see all the tasks. What only shit will not write ...

    - Damn, I'm tired already ... - Svetlana Vladimirovna sighed. - You want the best, but it turns out as always ... What to do, Sergey?

    - Cancel ... - Sergei shrugged. - More precisely, roll back the system to its original version. Well, when there was no bureaucracy, red borscht, all these "accept", "reject", "write a mandatory comment." Let people communicate, say, work creatively. These are people just like you and me.

    “I don't know, Sergey ...” said Svetlana Vladimirovna thoughtfully. - How do you drive a flock, so it goes ...

    - This is from the MBA? - Sergey smiled.

    - Well, yes ...

    - It's good that I refused to go for it.


    - What kind of idiocy? - Sergey was indignant. - Do you understand what you are doing?

    - You forgot to ask, nerd.

    - Damn, I had to go on vacation, how did you get hooked on your ear? Your idea?

    - Yes, mine! - Marina rolled her eyes.

    - What's wrong, Sergey? - Svetlana Vladimirovna asked wearily. - The normal idea is to tie the motivation to the executive discipline. Made all the tasks on time - received a full salary. Overdue half of the tasks - got less. The maximum deprivation, if at all, all tasks are overdue - 20% of salary.

    - Yes, it's some kind of moron! - Sergey continued to resent. - What do you want to do with people? Fear to catch up? Turn into robots? What will they think about every day?

    - About his work, about tasks. - Svetlana Vladimirovna continued in the same tired tone. - Only now they will have an incentive to perform tasks on time.

    - You are not seriously put in one row the work and tasks? - Sergey was genuinely surprised. - People are well aware of their work! And these tasks are debility - they only distract from it! Do you understand this or not? Okay, there programmers, for example - they really need to write tasks for revision, but the rest, then? Why the hell is the accountant to set the tasks? BUT? Doesn't he know what to do? Bring him overhead, he makes them into the system. Everything!

    - Well, now he will make overhead on time. - Svetlana Vladimirovna said uncertainly.

    - And what, will he be assigned a task for each invoice? - raised his voice Sergey. - Svetlana Vladimirovna, do you understand what you are saying?

    - So, Sergey. - Svetlana Vladimirovna frowned. - You say yes do not speak. The decision is made, the order is signed. Since September, the new system of motivation will act. You have to make a tool for calculating performance discipline.

    - Yes, I have already set such a task for him. - mischievously smiled Marina.

    - In the ass yourself shove your task! - Sergey shouted. - I will not participate in this.

    - You will, as pretty. - Marina continued to smile. - Otherwise you will lose your salary.

    - Sergey, do what Marina says. - Svetlana Vladimirovna seriously said. - I am sure that such an approach will increase executive discipline in the company, and we will finally be able to establish normal management.

    - You will establish a normal concentration camp. - said Sergey. - No one will work. Everyone will only execute orders.

    - Well, let's see ... - Svetlana Vladimirovna shrugged her shoulders.


    - The results are great! - Svetlana Vladimirovna was very excited. - Of course, the last day will still make its own adjustments, but judging by the dynamics, they will be positive! 95%! Colleagues, do you believe in this figure? 95% of orders completed on time!

    - Well! - Marina supported. - In my department, I dare say, the discipline is 100%!

    - Yes, Marina, you need to put everyone on as an example! - Svetlana Vladimirovna was leaving. - Colleagues, this is a success! Breakthrough! You can write books about it! We have achieved results to be proud of!

    “Only our Mr. CIO is again dissatisfied with something ...” Marina turned her gaze to Sergey. - What is a clicker wrong? You screamed the loudest here that nothing will come of it, and the motivation will not work.

    “I don’t even know what to talk to you about ...” Sergey said wearily. - Rejoice senseless figure, like children. Do you know how it turned out?

    - In terms of? - Svetlana Vladimirovna could not remove a smile from her face. - With the calculations something is wrong, or what?

    - With calculations, that's right. - Sergey nodded. - The figure is really beautiful. You can make it to your resume. Well this is what a cool line! Increased performance discipline to 95%! Yes, you in any company with your hands tear off!

    - Sergey, I feel the irony ... - the smile finally disappeared from the director's face. - Speak straight.

    - Have you tried to get a pack of printer paper from your office manager? - Sergey asked.

    - Of course. And what is wrong?

    - You, Svetlana Vladimirovna, everything is so. - Sergey nodded. - And when, for example, an accountant wants a pack of paper to print further, what he hears?

    - What?

    - Write me a request. - answered Sergey. - If you want to submit an application for a vacation - write an order, such as “I ask you to accept my application”. If you want the manager to test the new functionality in the program - note that the functionality that he asked to add - write the assignment. Write the order to accept the order. Soon it will be necessary to write an order for going to the toilet.

    - Oh, my God, let me go, you, surged like a crow. - Marina waved her hand.

    - There are, of course, imbalances ... - Svetlana Vladimirovna shrugged. - But in general, the system works, and gives an excellent result.

    - It does not give the result, but a number. - answered Sergey. - You, managers, need only a figure. Beautiful, pleasant, which can be shown to everyone, boast, in the resume again write ... What is there, under this figure - you do not care. You will always figure out how to explain the nonsense that occurs when you reach this figure. You say ... How did you say right now? There are, of course, distortions, but in general the system works.

    - Sergey, I understand everything, and I hear you. - Svetlana Vladimirovna gazed at Sergey. - But you also understand me. Performing discipline is the basis of management. Until your tasks are completed, you are not in charge.

    - It remains to figure out what tasks we set. - answered Sergey. - Do you understand? What is the use if 95% of senseless, unnecessary tasks are performed, which you can not set? Why put them?

    - But you made the system yourself! - Marina has entered. - You said you need to write down tasks!

    - Not routine, process, but unique tasks! - raised his voice Sergey. - Do you understand? And, you don't understand a damn ... Special tasks that really need to be controlled, but not everything in a row!

    - Well, put your unique tasks. - Marina shrugged her shoulders. - And I will write in the instructions everything I want from the staff. And they will perform.

    - Anything you want? - Sergey was genuinely surprised.

    - Well, I do not want ... - Marina stopped. - Those tasks that need to be done.

    - Do you know what to do?

    - Of course, I'm the head. - Marina nodded. - I do not set meaningless tasks.

    - Did you get out for a walk? Or has the entire course been drunk already?

    - Kiss my ass…


    - Alain, I made an outfit. - said Yana. - Will you arrange the transfer?

    - Write a request. - without distracting from the monitor, said Alain.

    - Alla, on, it's me, on. - smiled Sergey, who was sitting nearby. - How did you manage to settle down together? Just like in the old accordion.

    - Tired of you already with his joke. - tired smiled Jan. - Alain, I wrote a mission. Will you accept?

    - Yes now.

    - What? - Sergey was surprised. - What are you, put each other orders?

    - Yes of course. - Yana nodded. - Why?

    - You are sitting opposite each other! - Sergey was indignant. - You are two accountants who work in pairs! And always worked, how many years you know. Naren you errands?

    - How to fix? - surprised Jana. - We also want to receive a salary, like everyone else.

    - And without orders, you do not get a salary or what? - Sergey was surprised.

    - We will, but suddenly it will be less. And so - we know for sure that everything will be fine.

    - Where is good, eh? - Sergey moved closer. - And how many such instructions do you write?

    - For every outfit. - Yana answered seriously.

    “So this is ... a few dozen a day?”

    - Well, yes, there are hundreds. - Yana nodded.

    - You ... - Sergey did not immediately find what to answer. - Are you out of your mind?

    - Oh, well, it begins ... - Yana turned away to the monitor and continued to work.

    - What begins? - Sergey was indignant. - What are you doing?

    - This is what you do there! - turned back Jan. - Themselves invented the system, he was forced to use, deduct from the salary themselves, and we are to blame for something?

    - So not for this system came up with! - Sergey threw up his hands. - In fact, it should not concern you at all! You, I am sorry, linear employees, with simple and clear work! Like a conveyor belt. You take more, you throw further.

    - What is this saying?

    - This is a briefing on the first day of work at the pig farm. - answered Sergey. - Here's a shovel, that's - shit. You take more, you throw further.

    - Do you think that the work of an accountant looks like that? - offended asked Yana.

    - In general, yes. - Sergey nodded. - You have a routine. The same thing every day. And what for you orders something?

    - I told you to get paid. - Yana repeated wearily.

    - Pancake…

    - What the hell? Who are we? You yourself said - take more, throw further. They said - the instructions to do, we do. Invented some kind of crap, and then surprised.

    - So you are white and fluffy, and we are freaks?

    - No, not freaks. You are the leaders. - shrugged Jan. - Probably, something clever invented. We set up an experiment on us. And to us that - the rules are clear, here we are working. You do errands, you close them on time, and everything is fine.

    - Hmm ...

    - So much for you mda. - Yana nodded. - Understand in your head there, then give us advice.


    - I'll give you an order! - Marina was indignant. - It got me already!

    - Put two. - Sergey smiled.

    - I forgot to ask you! - Marina grinned. - It will be necessary, put ten. You still have a dance!

    - And I will sing. - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - Well you need it. To sing and dance. And you - so well done.

    - Sergey, what again? - Svetlana Vladimirovna asked wearily.

    - Nothing. - Sergey shook his head. - Das Experiment.

    - What is it? - Svetlana Vladimirovna narrowed her eyes.

    - The film is such a German.

    - Das ist fiction, II? - Marina grinned. - Do not sculpt your secret desires here.

    - No, this is not porn. - Sergey was not embarrassed. - A film about the experiment. They took people from the street, some were put in cells, others were appointed guards. They wanted to see how the behavior of people would change - both those who were given the power, and those who were put in a humiliated position.

    - So what, what result? - interested asked Svetlana Vladimirovna.

    - In general, the film seems to be based on real events. - answered Sergey. - What is there in the end ... The guards really believed in their impunity. The worst features povylazili of them. Began to beat prisoners, to mock them. Even kind of killed someone.

    - Nightmare ... - Svetlana Vladimirovna shook her head. - I'll have to look.

    - It is necessary. - Sergey nodded his head. - And you, Marinochka, need to.

    - I'll get along. - Marina grinned.

    - Of course, you will manage. - Sergey smiled in response. - This is a movie about you.

    - In terms of?

    “Well, you're a typical guard.” - Sergey continued. - I just screamed that you will give me instructions. For you, the system has become a weapon. You don't give a shit, you put the right tasks, or not, you have to do them, or not. The main thing for you is to use your power.

    - Do not treat me, doctor. - Marina continued to grin.

    - And you do not cure already. - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - You are a typical worm. You can't talk to people. You can not fix the work. Just yell at subordinates. And when you need something from parallel people not submitting to you, you fall into a stupor. More precisely - fell.

    And when the system appeared, you spread the wings. Now you have the power, albeit virtual. You can write assignments. Even if they are rejected, you will not calm down - you will come to the general meeting, and you will start yelling that your tasks are being ignored. You will call mother (Sergey has shaken a head towards the director). And nothing, will take your tasks. And then another week you will play with the acceptance of the result of the task. You don't like spelling, you put the file in the wrong format, then something else ...

    - I work within the rules, and you ... - Marina began to blush.

    - What else can you do? - Sergey answered calmly. - Rules, systems - your environment of existence. You are a parasite. The real one. You are evil. Bureaucrat, more precisely - the bureaucracy. A laboratory worm that can only exist in an artificial environment. In the natural environment you, God forgive me, would have to work.

    - Why should I listen to this! - Marina screamed. - Svetlana Vladimirovna, why do you allow me to talk like that? I will not ...

    - You will, Marina. - Svetlana Vladimirovna answered seriously. - Sergey, go on, I'm interested.


    “Seryozh, help, please ...” Valentina continued to moan in a pleading tone. “Well, she doesn’t accept anything, I’m already like that, and that’s that ...

    ” - Sergey asked wearily.

    - First, the file format did not fit. - continued Valentine. - Then the names of the columns, then the format of numbers. I already asked her - give all the requirements at once, but she didn’t say anything ...

    - Yes, Marina - she’s like that. - Sergey smiled. - What do you want from me? So I complained to my mother?

    “Well, I don’t know, Seryozha ...” Valentina hesitated. - Maybe move the order to move? To delay was not. I can't get less wages, you know?

    - Yes, I know your situation, Valentine. - Sergey nodded, feeling uncomfortable from a conversation with a single mother, who received a salary of twenty thousand rubles. - But only the initiator can shift the term of the order. She will notice, and raise such a howl ...

    - Well, what to do, Seryozha? - asked Valentina pleadingly.

    - Have you tried to talk to her? - Sergey asked.

    - Yes, I tried, of course! - Valentine sighed. “Well, you know her ... Impenetrable, like an armored train ...

    ” “Okay,” Sergey also sighed and looked out the window. He paused for a few seconds and continued. - Here's a life hack for you, just don't tell anyone ...

    - What?

    - Workaround, in short. - Sergey continued. - Put yourself twenty orders, and execute them.

    - How so? What for?

    - Well, to level one overdue. - began to explain Sergey. - To get a full salary, you must have 95% discipline. So?

    - It seems yes ...

    - Well. - Sergey nodded. - If you have one overdue, and twenty completed in time, there will be a little more than 95%. And everything will turn out.

    - And how, is it possible? Instructions for yourself to set.

    - Can.

    - Right?

    - Right. Svetlana Vladimirovna does this.

    - Is it the same to get paid? - Valentina eyes rounded.

    - Of course not. - Sergey smiled. “She’s the director, nobody sets her tasks, so she writes instructions for herself.”

    - What am I going to write there?

    - Yes, any garbage. - Sergey shrugged his shoulders. - you are engaged in supply? Here you go. Order parts supplier. Agree on delivery times. Consider commercial offers. And so on.

    “I got it ...” Valentina nodded.

    - Well. Do, and do not be afraid.


    - Colleagues, we have serious problems with handling. - Svetlana Vladimirovna said seriously. - If it goes further, the company can be closed.

    - What do you mean, Svetlana Vladimirovna? - Marina asked, director of quality.

    - And you do not know, Marina? - the director was surprised.

    - Well, I guess, of course. - Marina did not want to look stupid.

    - The old system had to be canceled. But performing discipline is still the key issue. - said Svetlana Vladimirovna. - As long as employees do not do what they are told, in the time specified for them, we are in great danger.

    - Then we need a new system! - Marina said enthusiastically.

    The rest were dejectedly silent.

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