Input - a new font for programming

    The company Font Bureau has developed a new font family is the Input , the most important of which in this case for us is the font the Input the Mono . Cyrillic is present. Fonts are free for personal use.

    For fonts, several styles are available - Sans, Serif and Mono, several options for saturation - Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black, widths - regular, Condensed, Narrow and Compressed. The line spacing also changes.

    You can choose the style of some characters - a, g, i, l, 0 and *. You can choose either on the download page or by modifying the font files in the archived program in Python.

    In the default fonts, curly brackets look a little pretentious, but they can be changed to more direct ones with the same Python script. Unfortunately, there is currently no such option on the download page, but the developers were going to add additional options.

    For myself, I personally tried to use Input Mono Compressed 9pt in the editor so that the IDE could fit 120-character strings.

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