The UGJ-2018 story fiasco: how to make a game that nobody would like (do not do that!)

    UGJ is the Ural Game Gem, which takes place in Yekaterinburg (the event is held online, the onsite is only a reward). The theme of UGJ-2018 was “PARASITING” (the rules ). This Game Gem is two weeks. The first week is given to make demos, the second - to finish the game of demos.

    Discussing in the morning with a colleague for a cup of chicory, another gamej (at the same time, the annual js13k took place ), I called the topic and jokingly offered to make a simulator game of a corrupt official, i.e. the parasite. A colleague supported the idea, and gave a prototype literally in the morning, at the same time calling the project Kiseijuu (from Japanese, this means parasite). Unfortunately, his enthusiasm quickly faded away, so I finished the game (for a couple of free evenings from other hobbies and concerns).

    It turned out the following: With this we reached the final line.


    We received the following marks from the judges, in the mark format
    (0-10) | What did you like | What did not like:
    5 | Subject | Few. It is necessary to set the parameters in percent. For a surplus of the budget should also hang. © Grigory Ivanov
    2 | The parasite is, in a sense. | It was something so polite, right? it was possible to make a plague clicker on such technologies. what are already available © Alexey Chestnykh
    5 | Ideological game in Excel | No surprises, pure bone mathematics, it's boring to play for a long time, you need to set a different, closer goal and give plot plot circumstances that secretly affect the mechanics © Yury Nekrasov
    Yes, random events (aka plot circumstances) were in the plans, but did not have time to realize. So forgive Jura, we all lost.

    The most winning mechanics is to first increase GDP and happiness, then increase (heavily) taxes, then rob the accumulated budget funds

    . There is an issue to get there:

    At the better, our game received the lowest rating from all the games, which influenced the final rating. Other participants rated our game more modestly than others).

    If we talk about other participants, I want to mention the game LANDERAID

    , which, unfortunately, is not about parasites (but still cool!). Decent physics, falling off blocks of a spacecraft (almost the entire modular ship), explosions ... IMHO, the developers would occupy a prize place if they had made some story that would tell us about what a parasite and a spacecraft would have to do here before the start of the game in the style of Star Wars (it would be a bomb!). For example, it was possible to creatively rework the script of the film Life (2017), in the Russian box office which was released under the name “Live”. The film is recommended for viewing, very much nothing.

    Prize-winning places were taken:

    1. M_dak - simulator of the parasite's office employee , projection 3/4. Great game with pixel graphics, you can safely pozalipat some time.

    2. Tsvyv: Parasite - 2d toy, something like and Spore.

    3. Shadow Reactor - top-down action with elements of stealth, there are some problems with the management, but you should try at least to appreciate the cool menu (under the spoiler)

    That same lamp menu and loading screen

    And the jury specifically noted the following game:

    4. KNYAZ 'T'MY (Prince of Darkness) - a strategic game about construction, the prince of darkness and refugees with an incredibly stylish interface.

    I hope, now your Friday will not be in vain!

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    Should I make economic games of this kind? Say, bank sim, other options?

    Which games have you enjoyed?

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