The Nest thermostat is even smarter

    Not so long ago, news was published on Habré that Google, which had bought the Nest smart thermostat manufacturing company for several billion dollars, had opened the device API for third-party developers. This was done with the aim of creating a branched ecosystem of applications and increasing the compatibility of Nest with other devices.

    Apparently, the open API really contributed to the development of NEST functionality in the right direction. The other day, the company announced the addition of support for several devices at once, including centralized home and appliance control systems from Control4, Crestron, RTI and URC.

    What can NEST do now?

    Compatible with various devices

    Mercedes : car systems inform NEST of the imminent arrival of the owner, and the device begins to warm or cool just at the right time. All this allows you to use electricity more economically, respectively, saving money in your wallet.

    Well, comfort plays an important role: opening the door of a house or office, a person finds himself in a comfortable environment for him.

    LIFX : if the NEST Protect system detects smoke or carbon monoxide in dangerous quantities, the LIFX lamp changes color to bright red, informing the owner and potential guests of the danger.

    In addition, in the absence of a person in the room, the lamps go out, if someone appears, the lighting lights up again.

    Jawbone: A smart fitness bracelet tells NEST when a person begins to wake up. The thermostat immediately begins to operate, bringing the microclimate of the room in a condition comfortable for the owner.

    v : as soon as the person leaves, NEST “asks” the washing and drying machine from Whirlpool to start work. As a result, returning, a person gets his clothes dry and clean.

    Mobile devices from Google : a special application allows voice control of the thermostat. “OK Google, increase the temperature to 27” - all you need to do is to heat the room to a comfortable temperature.

    Chamberlain Garage Systems: as soon as the garage door opener system is activated, NEST is already aware that you have arrived. Accordingly, work begins on the correction of the microclimate of the room and "communication" with other smart devices.

    Creating algorithms for the operation of IFTTT devices : using a special application, you can program home systems for certain actions that can be multi-level.

    Logitech : with a simple click of a button, Logetech Harmony brings another system to the smart home. Moreover, at different times of the day and in different rooms, the temperature may be different.

    Here's a video demonstration of the capabilities of a smart thermostat :

    In addition to other updates, the thermostat developers added the ability to view the sensor activity history for the last 10 days, and the event recording function in case of detection of carbon monoxide, CO (concentration and duration of exposure are recorded).

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