Microsoft buys Minecraft developer for $ 2 billion

    On the horizon loomed one of the largest deals in the gaming world: Microsoft Corporation, apparently, is closing the deal to acquire Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, for $ 2 billion.

    Officially, the corporation does not report this, nor does Mojang, but you can’t conceal it in a bag: several well-known media outlets wrote that the deal was close to closing.

    At the very beginning, The Wall Street Journal wrote that a source close to the leadership of the companies announced the negotiations between Microsoft and Mojang. The deal is worth about $ 2 billion, although the price is still under discussion.

    Then the journalists of The New York TimesThey wrote that the agreements were reached a long time ago, about three months ago, and the deal will be closed by the end of this month.

    At the same time, Bloomberg writes that the author of Minecraft, and the current head of Mojang, Marcus [Notch] Person, is going to leave the company. Not because the buyer insists on his departure, not at all. It’s just that Marcus spent a lot of time working with the project, and wants to try himself in something other than a toy.

    By the way, not so long ago Minecraft was released for the Xbox One, it happened on September 5th. Upgrade to the new version for owners of Xbox 360 toys for just $ 5. Well, the price of the full version is $ 20. Now the game is available for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android. Soon, there should be versions for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

    By the way, last year the creator of Minecraft earned $ 101 million, which was even surprising .

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