Moto 360 smartwatch: full parsing from iFixit (and 3 out of 10 repairable scale)

    The Moto 360 is a smartwatch from Google Motorola, sort of like the first gadget of its kind with a round case and display. Not long ago, Motorola launched this watch on the market, and the guys from iFixit got their own copy.

    It is clear that it was immediately disassembled into small parts, and the iFixit team presented the results to everyone. As always, step-by-step disassembly of the gadget, Moto 360, to be continued.

    Tools used:

    Step 1. We take out of the box

    Technical specifications of the device:
    • TI OMAP 3 processor;
    • 4 GB of internal memory, 512 RAM;
    • 1.56-inch display with a resolution of 320 * 295;
    • Bluetooth 4.0 LE;
    • Sensors: pedometer, optical heart rate monitor and others.

    Step 2. Remove the strap. A

    good leather strap, yes. There is also an option with metal.

    Step 3. Disassemble the

    heating housing to soften the bonding compound, and remove the cover.

    The Moto 360's protection standard is IP67, which makes disassembly difficult.

    Step 4. What's under the hood?

    First look at the heart rate sensor.

    Labeling: FCC ID: IHDT6QC1

    Anatel ID: 1510-14-0711 (Anatel is a Brazilian government organization that deals with the evaluation and approval of gadgets for sales in Brazil).

    Step 5. Continue to disassemble the case.

    Step 5. Remove the protective ring.

    This rubber ring does not let water into the case if the watch is wetted.

    Step 6. Separating the motherboard.

    Step 6. Separating the battery.

    Motorola made battery removal easier by adding a plastic insert.

    Comparison of the battery capacity of the Moto 360 and its competitors:

    Motorola Moto 360: 3.8 V, 300 mAh, 1.1 Wh;

    Samsung Gear Live: 3.8 V, 300 mAh, 1.14 Wh;

    LG G Watch: 3.8 V, 400 mAh battery, 1.15 Wh.

    Step 7. Here is the battery.

    Step 8. Inductive charging.

    Moto 360 is the first Android watch that can charge wirelessly. Here is the induction module.

    Step 9. Motherboard

    Step 10. Processor

    Under the RAM module is Texas Instruments X3630ACBP (OMAP3630) OMAP 3 Applications Processor. The same processor is installed in Motorola Droid 2 and the first smartwatch from Motorola - MOTOACTV.

    Step 11. A little more motherboard

    Step 12. Separating the display

    Step 13. Disassembling the charging module

    Step 14. Motherboard of the charging module

    Red: Texas Instruments BQ500212A Qi Compliant 5 V Wireless Power Transmitter Manager

    Orange: Texas Instruments 97376M Synchronous Buck NexFET Power Stage

    Step 15. Everything, disassembly is completed

    A few notes :
    • to remove the housing cover, heating is needed;
    • to replace the battery, the watch will have to be taken apart almost completely;
    • To replace the display, the clock will also have to be completely disassembled.

    As mentioned in the title, on the maintainability scale, a watch gets 3 points. By the way, a competitor from LG earned 9 out of 10 .

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