Moto Hint: Motorola's Smart Handheld Headset

    The company the Google the Motorola, in addition to widely publicized new products, such as Moto 360, released another device, which is quite remarkable. We are talking about a smart wireless headphone Moto Hint , with which you can control the connected smartphone.

    The earphone itself is really very small, but its capabilities are vast. The functionality of the device is revealed after the owner connects the earphone to the smartphone via Bluetooth and inserts it into the ear. The earphone automatically turns on (it is equipped with an infrared sensor), and begins to “listen” to the user, as well as receive incoming calls.

    Moto Hint Management

    There are no function buttons, only the touch pad of the device is used. As already mentioned, the headphone turns on immediately after the owner inserts it into the ear, and turns off after the Moto Hint is removed.

    It is worth noting that the developers have provided the ability to automatically divert the conversation from the earphone (if removed) to the smartphone, in order to avoid interruption of the conversation. If the user listened to music (although listening to music with one earphone is doubtful pleasure), playback will be paused.

    Smartphone control with Moto Hint

    This is about controlling the earphone itself. But, as mentioned above, using this headset you can control the smartphone itself. At the same time, work with the smartphone begins with the phrase “OK, Moto” (the analogue immediately comes to mind, right?).

    After this phrase, you can start work - for example, dictate a message or ask the phone to call a specific person. In general, there is no particular novelty in such a control method, because almost any modern phone can execute voice commands.

    But the developers claim that their system is the most-most: the most sensitive, the most accurate, etc. Well, let's take a word.


    The Moto Hint headset is compatible with any device, and not just with Motorola phones, this is good news. When connected to the iPhone, Siri will already help the user.


    Actually, everything is clearly visible in the photo - the drop-shaped form of the device is well suited for insertion into a person’s ear, and the device is unlikely to interfere.

    For lovers of non-standard things, the company produces six varieties of Moto Hint at once - with wooden, leather and metal inserts. Stylish and beautiful, yes.

    Moto hint

    An earpiece is supplied in a case, which is also a charging station.

    Moto hint

    A wired connection to the charging is not required, the contact pad is provided in the case, which is combined with the headphone contacts, after which the battery is charged.

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