bb-mobile Techno 9.7 3G - budget clone iPad Air

    It's no secret that Chinese brands are trying more and more to resemble their more successful counterparts. As a rule, all attempts end on copying the appearance of devices of past generations. But bb-Mobile decided to make a knight's move and presented us with a device that almost completely copies the design of the iPad Air, is inexpensive and has a budget filling.

    This is not the first such experience for this manufacturer. For example, bb-Mobile Techno 7.85 3G is a clone of the previous generation iPad Mini. But there are also some developments, for example bb-Mobile Techno 9.0 3G. All products are of good quality, as well as proven, classic lines. Tablets cannot boast of high performance, but their capabilities are quite enough, and the price of all products is not very biting.


    bb-mobile Techno 9.7 3G is equipped with a 9.7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The bb-mobile Techno 9.7 3G tablet is based on the MediaTek MT8382 quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal flash memory, there is a microSD card slot for up to 32 GB. The built-in battery capacity is 6,000 mAh.

    The tablet has a set of wireless modules - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G. The modem for cellular networks is designed not only for data transmission, but also for voice and SMS. Among other features of the tablet, I note cameras of 0.3 and 5 megapixels, as well as Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

    imageScreen: 9.7 ", 1024 x 768 px, HD, IPS
    imageProcessor: MediaTek MT8382 (Cortex-A7, 1.3 GHz, 4 cores)
    imageVideo accelerator: Mali-400 MP2
    imageOperating system: Android 4.2.2
    imageRAM: 1 GB
    imageUser memory: 8 GB + microSD slot
    imageCamera: 5 MP rear, 0.3 MP front
    imageCommunication: GSM / GPRS / EDGE + UMTS / HSPA +
    imageMore: GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OTG, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
    imageBattery: 6000 mAh
    imageDimensions: 240 x 169 x 7.9 mm
    imageWeight: 586 Gram
    imagePrice: 7,990 rubles


    The device comes in a cardboard box with a typical bb-mobile design, more like a package of sweets. On the front side, there is no information about the device, except for its name.

    All information is on the sides. On the lower side face some information about the "stuffing".

    On the right is about which applications, except the standard ones, are preinstalled. Some of them are useful (for example, Navitel Navigator), while the rest is unlikely to please anyone.

    On the left is some legal information. It's nice that they talked in detail about the origin of the tablet.

    The lonely logo of the company of the manufacturer and the name of the device are located behind. They also decided to inform us once again that bb-Mobile Techno 9.7 3G is a tablet computer. The packaging is made soundly, the cardboard is very tight. So if you order a device on the Internet, you can not worry about its safety during delivery.

    Under the cover is the device itself. It lies tightly in the box, and on the sides of the tablet is framed by a foam insert.

    Under the tablet is a shelf of thin cardboard, and under it are parts of the package. It was possible to make separate sections for picking, then the contents of the box would look more neat.

    We will sell headphones, a charger, a USB cable, an OTG cable, a stylus, a cloth for cleaning the screen, a cover, a warranty card and user instructions.

    The charger is adapted to our sockets.

    Using an OTG cable, not only flash drives, but also a keyboard can be connected to the device. This is quite convenient, especially if you work in office programs.

    The headphones in the kit are vacuum, quite standard. The sound is clear, without wheezing, but a little quiet.

    The complete stylus resembles a cap from a pen, and is approximately identical in size. Despite its small size, it is convenient to use.

    In order not to lose the stylus, there is a special mount made in the form of a headphone plug.

    The cover book is made of strange synthetic material. On the front side is a drawing in the form of longitudinal grinding.

    Inside, the texture resembles suede. The tablet itself is attached to the case on a sticky strip.

    The device in the case sits well, although the impression remains that the tablet is about to fall out. Yes, and protects the cover from damage badly.

    In general, the manufacturer decided to save not only on fastening, but also on material. The cover smells awful. I'm not even talking about the weak protection of the tablet and the inconvenience. Smell is the main reason why the case is simply unrealistic to use.


    bb-Mobile Techno 9.7 3G is made in the classic design, which was borrowed from the iPad Air. There are no special design refinements here. A protective film is pasted on the tablet “out of the box”. By the way, the main features of the tablet in colorful form are written on it.

    The main part of the front face is a 9.7-inch display, protected by glass. It is not the most durable, but it will definitely protect you from minor scratches.

    Above the display is the front camera.

    The control buttons are not separately highlighted, so that only after unlocking will they be available.

    On the right is the on / off / lock button and the volume button. A little lower is a hole for a hardware reset, the benefit of it is undoubtedly there. It is easier to restart a frozen tablet with its help than with a key combination. All buttons are convex, easily felt by fingers.

    Above in the corner is a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

    And below are the speaker holes and microUSB. The sound is clear, but at maximum volume it starts to “sound a little”.

    The back panel is metal, light in color, the surface is smooth, the tablet slides a little in the hands. Scratching is relatively easy, so I recommend using a complete case.

    Above is the “camera window”, the manufacturer’s logo. In the cold season, holding the tablet will not be very comfortable, but such a decision along with beauty allows you to better remove heat when the load on the processor.

    As well as a plastic plug under which slots for a SIM card and microSD are hidden. The case is completely “iron” is problematic, because somewhere it is necessary to place antennas for the communication module, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    The device turned out to be thin, only 7.9 mm. The weight of the device is 586g, which is not very easy. In general, the design is only pleased. The manufacturer used fairly expensive materials. Everything was done soundly, efficiently, there are no backlashes, no squeaks. But it is worth remembering that this is essentially a clone of a more expensive device.


    bb-Mobile Techno 9.7 3G is equipped with a 9.7 inch TFT IPS display with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. The number of pixels per inch is 132 PPI. You should not count on the notorious “retina” for that kind of money. Yes, if it was, then a processor with such a resolution would probably not be able to cope, which would lead to brakes. But not to see Retina on such a screen is somehow not comfortable.

    The backlight brightness of the screen matrix is ​​slightly above average. In a room, the image looks good, in the light or in the sun it fades greatly, the information becomes almost unreadable.

    The capacitive type sensor layer fulfills up to 5 simultaneous touches. The sensitivity is not bad, but due to the rapid contamination of the display surface, the sensitivity is often sharply reduced. Have to wipe every time.

    There is no automatic adjustment of the brightness of the display for lighting.


    Two cameras are installed on the tablet: the front, with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels and the main, with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The quality of the shooting is poor. Colors and contrast are good, but the clarity is terrible.

    The photo from the front camera is just awful.

    So the camera here is just for show.


    Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is installed on bb-Mobile Techno 9.7 3G. It will be a bit old, it would be possible to have something fresh.

    There are several features of the shell on this tablet. The first is preinstalled applications. Among them are Navitel navigator, file manager and Yandex Market. A nice feature is that in the menu the background is the same as on the desktop. Well, another, relatively useful feature is the screenshot button transferred to the control panel.

    The firmware works stably, but there are small brakes that slip through. The only downside is memory clogging with useless applications, but this is bearable.


    The tablet has a quad-core MediaTek MT8382 processor with a frequency of 1.3 GHz and a Mali-400 MP2 video processor with a frequency of 533 MHz. This processor is a budget one and provides the ability to work with two SIM cards and video processing in 1080p format, that is, Full HD. Due to the savings, the device was not very productive.

    Test results in popular benchmarks.

    Graphics performance is also not very.

    Such results are explicable. Since the device is positioned as a budget, therefore, the manufacturer saved on everything. In games, the device behaves accordingly. FPS slows down and drops regularly, but you can play games like Asphalt 8, albeit not very comfortable.

    Injustice braked pretty hard.

    Overall performance is satisfactory. For surfing the Internet and easy games enough.


    The device supports Wi-Fi and 3G. It is also possible to make calls. Whoever thought that calling from an A4 sheet would be convenient, it’s not clear. But the same bb-Mobile release Bluetooth headsets in the form of small telephones, perhaps this was the calculation. The dialer is standard, from Android, it is possible to send SMS.

    The Wi-Fi module finds many networks. The signal is stable and powerful enough, although some routers are in the distance.

    The walls are not an obstacle for him either.

    The tablet supports GPS navigation. The module finds 6-10 satellites, although the device does not work with GLONASS.


    bb-Mobile Techno 9.7 3G is equipped with a 6000 mAh battery. Despite the fact that the battery has a large volume, it does not last long, because the display has a rather large size. For the whole day, the tablet is enough. True, there is no energy-saving mode.

    When watching a video, the tablet discharges in about 6 hours.


    In general, bb-Mobile Techno 9.7 3G creates a positive impression. The design of the tablet almost completely follows the design of the iPad Air. Whether it’s good or bad to copy designs is a moot point. Someone likes the look of a reference tablet, but someone wants to try something new. The production used high quality materials. The display of the device is very good, but its brightness is sometimes not enough. The performance of the device is low, but it is justified by the low price. For Internet surfing, reading books, watching movies and video, a tablet is enough with the head. A plus is the availability of GPS.
    So this is a good option for an audience who prefers to use the tablet to view videos on YouTube and VKontakte. The purchase will usually happen like this: - Hello, I need a tablet for 7-9k. - Hold bb-mobile Techno 9.7 3G. An experienced user or lover of Chinese products is unlikely to pay attention to this model.


    imageHigh quality display.
    imageAvailability of GPS module.
    imageMetal case.
    imageSupport for SIM cards.
    imageRich set of supplies.
    imageCompetitive price.

    imageScreen not Retina.
    imageNot the latest version of Android - 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
    imageBad camera

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