OnePlus One - Chinese Beast

    Today we will talk about a very interesting device from the young Chinese manufacturer OnePlus - OnePlus One (abbreviated OPO).

    I learned about this device quite by accident (I looked at the review from Rozetked), then several reviews were published on different resources and I began to read, search for information and so on. But to buy a device was not as easy as we would like. I will explain why.

    At the moment, there are 2 versions of the smartphone:
    1) International
    2) For the domestic (Chinese) market, there are
    several differences. The smartphone for the Chinese market does not support American LTE networks; it goes to Color OS, and not to Cyanogen and, accordingly, there is no Cyanogen inscription on the back panel.

    The version for the Chinese market can be bought in China, but the international version is distributed via an invitation system, which is associated with the ideology of the company. Good products should be distributed to a close family.
    I will start with technical specifications, which, however, I do not plan to copy from their website and simply paste here (anyone can do this), I'd rather do it in a slightly different way.
    You all know that IFA 2014 is being held in Berlin, where many companies present their products (Samsung, Motorola, Asus and others). OnePlus decided to compare their smartphone with the new smartphones presented at IFA. And so, what came of it ...

    Yes, some smartphone models surpass OPO in certain characteristics, but their price is many times different, and the new Moto X loses in all respects.
    Yes, not all technical specifications are indicated here and, of course, OnePlus does everything to make their phone seem the best.

    Now about my impressions of the phone:
    Getting OnePlus One into your own hands is a pleasure. You are waiting for a phone from a Chinese manufacturer, and somewhere deep down in your soul old stereotypes that Chinese products may not be good begin to emerge. You get a box that is very high quality made from good materials, you open it and don’t stop wondering at the quality of the packaging, but what happens next has struck me the most. Yes, I took the phone in my hands and felt not the smooth back panel, but ... I don’t even know how to describe it. This is something between asphalt and sand. Tactile sensations are very pleasant. Such a phone is unlikely to slip out of hand, although, as it turned out, it rolls down perfectly from a car seat!

    My previous phone was HTC Hero (the first Android smartphone in Russia), the current one (at the time of purchasing OPO) was the Apple iPhone 5. From time to time I take the device from Habr for a test drive and came to the conclusion that any Android device should be a priori at least somewhere to slow down. OnePlus One surprised me that I did not notice a single slowdown in a month of use. Everything works as smoothly as possible and is not inferior in quality to the iPhone. The first thing my friends and colleagues say when they pick up this phone is: “Wow!”, “Only $ 350 !?”, “Where can I buy one?”, “Why doesn't it slow down?”, “Chinese !? ".
    These questions are somewhat similar to those that I was asked when I took a YotaPhone for a test drive (except for the question about $ 350 and about the brakes).

    Compared to all the phones I've ever held in my hands, OPO is the best.

    A couple of weeks ago I was in Berlin and tested a smartphone camera. Here’s what came of it: The


    photos are quite worthy, although, I must admit, under certain shooting conditions, the iPhone camera comes forward, but I did not make a targeted comparison of the cameras.

    Now let's move on to the battery.

    The charge lasts for 1.5-2 days with Wi-Fi constantly on, a bright screen, and so on. Yesterday, for example, my OPO showed the following statistics:

    If you play a game, for example, Deus Ex, then by the end of the day the charge level will be about 15-20%. This is if you play about 4-5 hours a day on a bright screen with Wi-Fi turned on and periodically surfing the Internet.

    It is a decent battery!

    By the way, OC updates come out periodically and the company claims that OPO will definitely get Android L, which is good news.

    I will not lay out the box in which OPO comes in, since you can easily find it on the Internet. The device itself looks like this:

    I apologize for the poor quality photo that was taken at work at the time the device was received and in poor lighting.

    By the way, the back cover can be easily removed and can be replaced (OnePlus promise to release bamboo covers soon, for example), but the battery cannot be removed (glued).

    A distinctive feature of OnePlus is its openness. You can always go to the company’s forum and chat with the administration and other happy owners of this gadget.

    OnePlus One is the best I've ever held in my hands. I thought about selling the iPhone and acquiring another such beast.

    Photos of the device and a more detailed overview of technical specifications can be found here . I just shared my impressions with you.

    This is my first post on Habré. I know that there are shortcomings, but I would like to read your criticism and promise to take everything into account when writing the next article. For a long time I was going to write something on Habré, but constantly put off. I realized that it was time to stop putting off and act!

    PS I ask you not to throw stones, minuses you can =)

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