Gift Ideas for Colleagues: Web Developer Mug

    Having read once at the beginning of the year, the post “C ++ 11 Cheat Sheet for Printing on a Mug” caught fire to make myself the same mug-cheat, but on the topic of web development, which is closer to me. Hands didn’t reach for a long time, and on the eve of Programmer’s Day, I wanted to “give” it to myself.

    I decided to share a picture and source codes with the habra community - all of a sudden someone will like it or want to congratulate colleagues on our professional holiday in this way.

    My workmate and part-time designer drew a printable image for my records. Most of the time was spent on the selection of the commands I needed for the crib mug, since it was not rubber on the one hand, and on the other, the goal was not to make a directory either. I also tried to shorten the descriptions so that it was more or less clear and fit into one line.

    To many, some of the commands will seem simple or little-used, but I wanted to have on hand those teams (shortcuts) that I don't use often, and I remember, but not exactly, because of which I constantly spent time searching or reading mana.

    For those who have an idea, but need another “set of cheat sheets” - there is a source file in psd. Since the source pictures are more than 1920px and the habrastorage does not allow them to be uploaded, I post the originals on the file hosting service.

    Original in jpeg for printing.
    Sources in psd

    . Preview image:

    UPD: Files re-downloaded taking into account corrections of typos. Thanks for this v_decadence

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