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    New App Store Appearance Review Guidelines

    Everyone in the world already knows that the next Apple event will take place on September 9, the main events of which will be the public launch of iOS8 and the presentation of iPhone 6. So far, videos with an overview of the new “iPhone” are diverging on the Web a week before the release - the company is preparing the “rear” to change the ecosystem of applications. So, on September 2, Apple’s guidelines for app reviews were updated.

    From a brief squeeze of updates, you should pay attention to the appearance of two sections. One of them is dedicated to using the Testflight distribution service, which Apple absorbed not so long ago. The second is the use of Extensions. In general, there are four new sections - from 25 to 28. In addition to this, Apple emphasized on the guideline that your application should be useful. They wrote it right!

    We have over a million Apps in the App Store. If your App doesn't do something useful, unique or provide some form of lasting entertainment, or if your app is plain creepy, it may not be accepted.

    Two-thirds of apps on the App Store are free

    Applift has prepared an overview of App Store data based on open sources. Most of the numbers should not cause any questions, so no breakdown occurred. Nevertheless, the overall numbers look fascinating.

    So, ⅔ applications in the App Store are free, in second place applications worth $ 0.99, with a share of 15%. Further, the decline in shares is uneven, so there are jumps in the number of applications worth $ 4.99 and $ 9.99. Everything that is more expensive takes up no more than 4.4%. Given these data, you can put an end to and say with confidence that applications worth more than $ 10 are extremely rare, and you can only enter this price category with full confidence that your application can really offer something that justifies the “gigantic” cost.

    The most popular category by the number of applications is Games, the share is almost 20%, followed by Education, Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment. The most “empty” categories are Graphics and design, Tools for development, Photographs, Health and fitness, this is all a matter of geek prerogative - Technical News.

    Applift shows statistics on the total number of applications in the store. Thus, the number of applications by July 2014 reached more than 1 million 200 thousand, of which 18% are gaming applications. Interestingly, at the start of the store, gaming applications occupied 50% of all applications.

    The graph also shows that the active growth in the number of applications observed since 2008 has slowed significantly by 2014.

    The number of applications sent to the upstream in March reached more than 45,000, and according to the schedule, it can be concluded that there are jumps before the Christmas holidays, which increases the load on the Apple upstream department and, as a result, increases the time for viewing. Therefore, plan your launches before Christmas more responsibly, otherwise you may not be in time.

    We recommend that you follow the link to get the most complete information on the data.

    Rejection statistics - more information!

    We continue the holiday of news from Apple. The company decided to remind once again about its rules for accepting applications in the App Store, and also shared statistics of the redjacks . But first, the captain will tell you the evidence about the moments, if you miss that you will definitely receive a refusal to receive. The most important thing is crashes and mistakes. If an Apple reviewer receives an application that dies in his hands, he will not be able to easily endure such an injury.

    If he sees that one of the images is clearly temporary, and the application, even being in the "just a minute" development, promises to replace it in the near future, all the same, a wounded sense of beauty will not allow you to miss this program. For each application, up-to-date and working links to the support service are required, as well as, if necessary, a link to the privacy policy used.

    We will not forget the IDFA topic that has been sore lately: if you use this identifier (and what else remains!), But don’t show ads or the application does not contain advertising functionality at all, then the application for admission to the store may be rejected. In addition, do not forget to correctly tick off the application settings related to how you use IDFA. Do not forget to specify a test username and password if the program strictly requires authentication to enter.

    If there is any information without which the application cannot be fully tested, please note: the person evaluating the program will not understand. Well, you cannot promise any functionality that the program does not contain, do not mislead the user. There are still a few small things, like the lack of value in the application as such, the repeated submission of the same type of application, a violation of the policy in the UI adopted by Apple - all this will also lead to a sad rejection.

    The company cited the top 10 reasons for the refusal for the seven-day period from August 21:
    14% - Need more ziggurat information! The application failed for some reason to fully test.
    8% - Bugs!
    6% - Inconsistency of the Developer Program License Agreement (this is most likely a problem for the most part with IDFAs).
    6% - Bad, bad UI. Inconsistency with the bracket installed by Apple.
    5% - The name, picture or description does not correspond to the program. There may be various reasons, maybe someone else is trying to perform a little ASO using a wildly long name that includes all the vices of the human race. Well, or just cheating.
    5% - Explicit substitution of name, icon or appearance for disguise as other applications. Flash of Angry Fleppy Birds!
    4% - Discrepancy of the name given to iTunes and displayed on the device.
    4% - Applications contain images or stub text.
    3% - Incorrectly rated rating for the application.
    2% - “Beta”, “Demo”, “Test” applications. Most likely, this is part of the applications that were sent by accident, for example, in investigations like: “Why inapp purchases do not work, maybe you need to click submit?”

    Easy review of the application for you!

    All reports since Unite 2014

    We talked about the Unity event last time. Unite 2014 showed a lot of interesting things. It seems that everyone has not mastered the look, but some reports definitely recommend.

    - The main novelty of version 4.6 - the new UI system
    - The new asset bundle system
    - We reduce risks and increase the quality of multi-platform development on Unity3D
    - A new network system in the future Unity3D 5.x
    - Unity3D in the clouds (auto assembly and sharing builds for QA and the team)

    Entire report archive

    Unilead will monetize the Moscow metro

    In order to finish on the domestic news, we inform you that the Unilead ad network has reached the Wi-Fi network owned by MaximTelecom. On the portal, Unilead agency will be engaged in advertising of mobile games and applications based on the CPA model .

    Every day, 400 thousand unique users visit the portal. Moreover, the number of new users is still growing by 7-10% weekly. According to their statistics, on average, users spend 2 minutes on the portal (I wonder who these people are? I’m definitely not connecting to Wi-Fi in the metro for this site). It is also known that by the end of 2014 Wi-Fi will work on all lines of the Moscow metro, which will significantly increase the number of unique users.

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