The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 68 developer (on August 25-31)

    The new weekly digest on mobile development has an entertaining history of deactivating a mobile botnet, changing a director at Rovio, developing an iOS game in his spare time, launching iAd in Russia and many other interesting materials.

    How I disgracefully deactivated a botnet

    Well, I thought, I should take a look at what this APK does. The result of the familiar bundle from apktool + dex2jar + jd-gui did not satisfy me, because part of the classes was not visible by the tree, although access to the links to them was possible. I decided to use the newfangled online sandboxes - and I received the decompiled code, and the information, and the pcap file with dump traffic.

    Android fragmentation has practically ceased to be a problem?

    This has long led to the fact that the development of applications for Android is associated with a very large effort to optimize the interface for all kinds of permissions. However, the author of the original article believes that now this has practically ceased to be a problem.

    The story of the iOS game about quick reaction and steel nerves

    In early April, I quit my job. From an excess of free time, I decided to write a game for iOS. A game about a poor cube, which is constantly pursued by other geometric figures. Real drama. The cube needs to hold out as long as possible without collisions. The prototype of the game was written in about 8 hours. In total, the development of the game took 3.5 months.

    The architecture of a simple 2D game on Unity3D. Plan, fact and error handling

    In our case, the reason is simple: development was carried out in free time from the main work, then an ideal approach to design would postpone the release for another year. Therefore, having made the initial separation into modules, we finished the design and started development.



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization



    Worst of the Wicked

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