Dropbox introduced a single tariff plan: 1TB - $ 9.99 / month, $ 99 / year


    Dropbox has updated its line of tariff plans. From today, only 1 PRO plan is available: 1TB for $ 9.99 / month or $ 99 per year .

    And also new features were added for PRO-users: setting a password for a shared link, setting the validity period of a shared link, setting access for shared folders and remotely erasing files from a lost device.

    Dropbox is a very popular cloud file storage, however, until today its prices were not so attractive compared to competitors. Starting August 27, Dropbox simplifies its pricing plans and prices, leaving only one - 1TB for $ 9.99 / month ($ 120 per year) or $ 99 / year. (save 17%) .

    Also introduced new features available only for PRO-users:

    Ability to set a password for access links

    Provide an extra layer of security for shared links. Only users who have a password will be able to access their content.


    Ability to set expiration for access links

    Protect critical files. Set expiration dates for shared links.


    Managing Shared Folder Permissions

    Choose whether users can edit or only view files in shared folders.


    Remotely erase files from a lost device

    Delete data from a lost or stolen device. Stay calm - a copy of the data is stored securely in Dropbox.


    All the benefits of a PRO account are described on a special page .

    If you are already a PRO-user, then you do not need to switch to a new plan. Dropbox will do everything automatically in the next few days.

    Thus, in the price range Dropbox has caught up with its competitors Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and is far ahead of Yandex.Disk (1TB - ~ $ 250 / year). However, a significant drawback of Dropbox is still only 2 GB of space for free accounts (the above competitors have 15 GB) and the lack of intermediate tariff plans.

    It is also worth noting that in August Dropbox updated its mobile applications for Android and iOS, adding search in PDF, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, faster and more convenient file search in all folders, as well as support for large animated GIFs.

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