University of Florida removes paper books from library

    The Polytechnic University of Florida has opened a new library, with chic architecture (Santiago Calatrava worked on the project) and design, with convenient workplaces and a comfortable environment. True, one small thing is missing in this library - books. To be precise, paper books.

    Instead of the usual textbooks and scientific literature in paper, it was decided to use only electronic books. And the names of electronic books in this library, there are more than 135 thousand.

    Access to the electronic library can be obtained from the “reader”, tablet or laptop. At the same time, there are printers in the library, so if necessary, you can print everything you need. In addition, if the student wishes, he can buy a regular paper book in any bookstore, and a traditional textbook can be requested in the library of one of 11 state universities.

    As for the electronic library, the Florida Polytechnic spent about 60 thousand dollars on books, making access to literature free for its students. If a student needs a book, textbook or scientific literature, the student selects the desired copy through a special interface and clicks on the book a second time, after which the purchase is made at the university’s expense.

    It is worth noting that the experience of the Florida Polytechnic University is not unique: according to a similar principle, a library was organized at NASA and a medical library at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. When creating their own library, employees of the Polytechnic University consulted with colleagues.

    Via businessinsider

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