Hyperlapse: shoot accelerated video with image stabilization on a smartphone

    Soon after Microsoft, a similar technology for shooting hyperlapse video with image stabilization was shown by Instagram (Facebook). There is already a ready-made mobile application that you can try right now . Unfortunately, the free program was released only for iOS, and for Android there are no functions in the API.

    The developers of the program are Alex Karpenko and Thomas Dimson, friends from Stanford University. In 2010, Karpenko defended his thesis on image stabilization, and in 2013, his company Luma developed a technology for stabilizing video on a smartphone. The secret is to use the accelerometer during shooting to compensate for camera movements.

    From left to right: project designer Chris Connolly, developers Thomas Dimson and Alex Karpenko, Wired

    Hyperlapse photo allows you to record video on your smartphone for up to 45 minutes, and then accelerate it up to 12 times the original speed. The interface is simple, everything works in a couple of taps on the screen. The program does not require registration, like Instagram. After rendering, the video can be saved to a flash card or published anywhere.

    Wired writes that before shooting video with image stabilization required equipment worth $ 15,000, but soon it will be possible to do almost any mobile gadget.

    By the way, the function for recording hyperlapse video is in the next version of iOS 8, so soon iOS users will not even need to install a separate application for this.

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