Korean 3d printer 3Dison. We print with plastic, metal, chocolate, and then engrave with a laser

    “Young man, what are you doing?”
    - I am a 3d printer journalist.
    - And what are there?
    - From now on, there is. I am the first.

    Recently, the Koreans announced a 3D printer with incredible capabilities, namely: 25 micron accuracy, printing with 50 materials (plastic, nylon, bronze, chocolate, silver, ceramic, wood, etc.), printing at a speed of 1000 mm per second, laser engraver.

    The first printer flew from Vladivostok to Moscow by air delivery and I managed to take some pictures of the appearance of the device. I did not manage to test for speed and various materials. I hope that in the next review I will provide a report on print speed and how printing works with various materials in my hands, not Korean ones.

    Under the cut, the first review of the Multi, Pro and H700 models, as well as a little video about printing with metal and chocolate.

    This is an ordinary

    H700 plastic, its size is impressive (build area 290x205x700)

    Top view:

    Two coils for plastic (reminiscent of a tape recorder with bobbins)

    Minimalistic menu

    An interesting feature - the printer has no bottom: The

    printer is controlled by the original software.

    Printing platform (heated)

    Briefcase, cat, daimik, shoe. What is it for?

    The largest engine I've seen on desktop printers:

    Print head with two extruders:

    Laser engraver:

    Nozzle for printing with metal paste (which consists of a metal powder mixed with water and various binders)

    Metal printing:

    After 3D printing is completed, the printed sample must go through the drying and firing procedure, since the metal paste will still be in the clay state:


    Wi-Fi camera:

    All features are nearby:

    A summary plate with the characteristics of various models:


    Presentation in English:

    The first models were very similar to the Replicator:


    Printing with chocolate:


    Printing Samples:


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