Dr. Tariff 2.0: new opportunities for Beeline, MegaFon and MTS subscribers

    Hello, Habr!

    Our mobile application for optimizing the cost of cellular communications has changed significantly. Under the cut, you can find out what new opportunities for saving appeared in it.

    Let's start with the redesign - in view of the fact that the number of main screens exceeded a reasonable 5 tabs, we decided to use the side navigation bar:

    Now, more about the new menu items. The “Operator Services” screen, in addition to selecting the optimal tariff plan, now contains links to screens of bonus points and connected options, which we will discuss further:

    After we developed an automatic work module with operator’s personal dashboards for the iPhone version of the application, we thought about some other useful things we can do for you.

    I recalled the case when one of the members of our team 3 years ago connected the option “Favorite number”. He stopped using it after a week, but continued to pay 1.5 rubles a day. The money is ridiculous, but 1,500 rubles have run up over such a period. Similarly, many subscribers forget to turn off roaming options upon returning from vacation. So that our users can avoid such situations, we have developed a "Monitoring of paid services." It allows you to receive notifications if the operator activates a paid service. You can disable an unnecessary option directly from the application:

    According to our data, the lion's share of subscribers does not know or does not use bonus points that are accrued monthly by the operator. But connecting such free options could give more communication with loved ones or additional megabytes of traffic!
    Turning them on through your personal account is long and not convenient - you need to remember the password every time, monitor the bonus account. To do the same with a few clicks in the application, in our opinion, is much simpler:

    The expense screen allows you to track each charge. Considering that the numbers are not tied to the operators now, this allows you to quickly identify the reason for the sharp decrease in the balance. Recently, we added a filter of zero write-offs and the Internet to it, since most of the Internet is free as part of the package:

    In addition to tracking expenses, customers of Svyaznoy, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank and Qiwi can now replenish their mobile account by sending special messages from the application:

    In the near future, we plan to launch recommended options (favorite numbers, Internet, intercity, etc.), which will further reduce our average check.

    We have accumulated quite a lot of analytics on mobile services and soon we will open the veil of secrecy over what “black tricks” operators increase their revenue. Together we would like to make the mobile services market transparent and understandable for subscribers, so we will be very grateful for the reposts and your support.

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