The fall of Zynga, the dominance of women in games and a new big deal - the main mobile news of the week

    Zynga Continues to Fall, but Prepares for Better Times

    The long-suffering Zynga is fading , and even such a radical thing as the change of CEO has not yet brought comforting results. Venturebeat gives numbers - revenue of 153 million (a decrease of 34%), net losses of 63 million (last year - 16 million). Although if you consider it cunningly (non-GAAP), then life has become better, life has become more fun - losses of only 3 million (last year - 6 million). After such news, Don Mattrick (the same new CEO) also added that the release of new games from Zynga and Natural Motion (the first big purchase by Mattrick in a new post, acquired by Zynga in early 2014) is delayed ... After such news, the company's shares in the first trading hours fell 7%.

    But Zynga is not giving up! And he is investing in a license from NFL for his new mobile game NFL Showdown, as well as in a deal with Tiger Woods (a very famous person in the world of golf, with whom one of the largest players in the sports game genre, Electronic Arts, broke the contract after the scandalous divorce of Mr. Tiger ), so a new golf game awaits us.

    And Zynga licensed Warner Bros. Looney Tunes characters to make an endless runner. Also mobile. In a word, Don does not give up and is trying in every possible way to transfer the company to mobile rails, occupy as many categories as possible in mobile stores and, in general, get out of the difficult situation in which the company finds itself. Perhaps he will succeed.

    The dominance of women in mobile games

    Flurry reported that women dominate mobile games in all respects - payments, playing time, return

    According to a new study by Flurry, the female audience is much more “attractive” to developers of mobile games. Women make in-app purchases 31% more than men, spend 35% more time in the game, and their return on the game for 7 days is 42% higher.
    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a prime example of how a game aimed only at a female audience can compete with hits such as Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga, earning more than $ 750 thousand a day!

    If we consider the entire market as a whole, then out of the 19 main categories of games, women dominate in nine, men dominate in six, and four occupy a neutral position.

    Transaction: TUNE (formerly HasOffers) bought the MobileDevHQ service (side optimization)

    Acquisition continues in the mobile market . Large players buy smaller companies to strengthen their position or to expand their product line. The other day, TUNE acquired the MobileDevHQ service, which is engaged in query optimization in stores and provides keyword analytics. It is worth noting that this is the first purchase of this kind for TUNE. So far, tens of thousands of users of the service continue to use it, but the purpose of the association is to bring MobileDevHQ services to the huge TUNE base.

    Terms of the transaction were not disclosed)

    AOSP conquers Asia

    Android Open Source Project (AOSP), according to ABI Reserch , took a share of 20% among all mobile OS.

    The reason for such a huge share of modified Android experts call Chinese and Indian manufacturers, who are using the capabilities of AOSP with all their might - the absence of any restrictions on the part of Google, the possibility of modifications and the use of third-party services.
    According to the results of the last quarter, Chinese and Indian manufacturers occupied 51% of the smartphone market, and their share is only growing. In addition, experts associate the growth of AOSP smartphones with an extremely cheap niche in developing countries in Asia, most of the modified Android accounts for smartphones cheaper than $ 100. Google is under serious pressure, and it is with this that the appearance of the Google One project is associated. Will he be able to stop the attack from the AOSP, time will tell.

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