Om One: Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


    There are many wireless speakers on the market now, but most models are practically no different, and the design is poor. True, one of these days there was one device that is strongly out of the line of its own kind.

    This device is an Om One wireless speaker that comes with the dock.

    How it works?

    The docking station generates a magnetic field in which the speaker “levitates”. From the outside, all this looks very impressive, especially for the uninitiated. In the center of the base station, the developers placed a neodymium magnet, which interacts with the magnets located in the dynamics, in the "ball" itself.

    System specifications

    The speaker is not so powerful - only 3 watts, and the maximum volume promised by the manufacturer is 110 dB (in principle, very good).

    The creators of the device claim that the sound reproduced by the levitating speaker is of high quality, with a normal, not "cut off" spectrum. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0 is installed in the system), you can connect a laptop, phone, tablet, etc. (distance - up to 10 m).

    At the same time, the speaker itself can work in autonomous mode for about 15 hours, and it will soar in the air only if there is external power to the docking station (12 volts).

    The developers also provided for the presence of a Type 1 microphone so that Om One can be used for communication. The device’s battery is charged via a USB data cable.

    Price and order

    Now developers are raising funds to launch mass production of the device (in fact, they have already collected more than planned, and there are 48 more days left).

    You can pre-order now for $ 179 , and the device will go on sale in December this year.

    In Russia, you can request an Om One sale notice from Medgadgets .

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