From antique radio to DIY speakers: 12 channels on YouTube about acoustics devices

    Today we have prepared a selection of YouTube channels, the authors of which tell about the device of vintage and modern audio equipment: from setting up turntables to assembling speakers. All who are interested are invited to view under the cat.

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    Kirby Meets Audio

    The channel is dedicated to the assembly of speakers with their own hands and will suit novice DIY-audio lovers. The author, Jared Kirby, who develops kits for assembling audio equipment, talks in detail about the choice of materials and the necessary tools, shows the process of collecting speakers and gives tips on how to avoid common mistakes. Sometimes on the channel there are also reviews on audio equipment. For example, in one of the videos, Jared sorted out the smart column of Amazon Echo II and showed what was inside.

    ana [dia] log

    Channel about analog sound and Hi-Fi-equipment. The author gives advice on choosing vinyl record players, setting up and caring for them. The channel has information for those who want to modify their audio system and even releases about creating cables with their own hands.

    In this case, the author publishes materials not only on home music equipment. He has videos in which he explains how to get the best sound from portable audio devices : cassette and digital players, as well as a smartphone.

    Paul McGowan

    Paul McGowan is an expert with 40 years of experience in creating Hi-Fi audio components, as well as the CEO and co-founder of PS Audio . Paul's YouTube channel serves as a supplement to his blog on PS Audio. In the video, he answers readers' questions about audio equipment, recording formats, and discusses the problem of fake Hi-Fi components. A number of videos devoted to creating a room for listening to music.


    Most often, the issue of Vloga is led by Gene DellaSala, the founder of the online edition of Audioholics. He reviews the hardware and conducts interviews with experts in the field of Hi-Fi sound. In his video reviews, Dellasala does not describe the sound quality of the equipment and subjective sensations, but considers the specific readings of the test instruments. Here you will find an in-depth analysis of the technical characteristics of devices, explaining why they are needed and what they mean.


    Channel author Nick Wilbur (Nick Wilbur) creates audio equipment with his own hands and teaches the audience. He publishes the process of creating speakers and subwoofers. Some videos deal with electrical engineering issues, for example, in one of the videos he tells how to make a crossover for acoustics. Nick has a website with additional information, free DIY project schemes from the video, as well as links to articles with theoretical information.


    Most of the video of John Geaney (John Geaney) is devoted to the repair of equipment: tape recorders or antique receivers . John also shares his experience in setting up and installing turntables . From time to time, videos with DIY projects appear on the channel .


    The author of the channel talks about the “inner” world of acoustic equipment — microchips and radio components — and explains the principles of their work. In particular, JohnAudioTech has a video about the quality of transistors , as well as Ohm's law . Often on the channel there are videos with reviews of audio devices - amplifiers or speakers .

    Old school

    A small channel on which the video about repairing audio equipment. The author shows how to deal with various faults in the receivers and tape recorders . On some models of devices, he also shoots reviews, as is the case with the Toshiba RT-200. Video topics are not limited to audio repair. Sometimes the author publishes videos with tips: how to clean the contacts of electronic components, connect a mobile phone to a tape recorder, etc.

    Mr Carlson's Lab

    Channel engineer Paul Carlson (Paul Carlson), the purpose of which, according to the author, is to make electronics simpler and more interesting. Paul repairs and modifies vintage equipment: often radio sets from the 1930s or 1940s .

    An important place on the channel Mr Carlson's Lab occupy a training video. In them, Paul tells how diodes and radio tubes work or how to choose a suitable capacitor . For those who want to support the development of the project, the author launched a video course on Patreon, in which he shares his electronics repair skills.

    Uncle doug

    The channel’s author’s specialization is the repair of vintage amplifiers, and much of the video is dedicated to them. "Uncle Doug" not only restores the equipment , but also shows how to create an amplifier from various "unnecessary" parts. There is a lot of theory about audio equipment on the channel: video series about resistors , capacitors, or using an oscilloscope to diagnose problems in electrical circuits. Sometimes on the channel there are videos with reviews of vintage audio equipment. In particular, he talked about the rare Super Organ Tone guitar processor from the 1960s and showed the joukboxes of 1939 and 1948 .

    Blueglow electronics

    Mark Walker (Mark Walker) for over 30 years engaged in the repair and restoration of audio equipment. Blueglow Electronics is the name of his small workshop for servicing vintage audio. Most often he works with lamp equipment and vinyl players. On his channel, Mark demonstrates the process of repairing "iron" and gives viewers advice on how to properly care for vintage equipment. Sometimes, on the Mark channel, training videos are released, for example, a series of videos on how to read tube amplifier circuits.

    We also have our own channel on YouTube , where we talk about technological innovations in the world of Hi-Fi and give recommendations on how to set up and connect speakers .

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