Amazon has become a domain name registrar

    On July 31, Amazon Web Services announced the big news on their Route 53 DNS service.

    What exactly did Amazon prepare?

    Registering domain names
    Now you can purchase a domain name directly from the AWS console. When buying new domains through Route 53, your domains will automatically be configured to work with the service, and private registration (private WHOIS) will be enabled by default. It will also become easier to manage your expenses, because the account for the purchased domains will be available along with other resources in your consolidated billing account. Route 53 offers a choice of more than 150 top-level domains (TLDs), including the most popular .com, .net, .org, and .info and regional top-level domains, including, .de, .tv, and.
    Discovermore .

    Geo Routing Using GeoDNS
    Now in Route 53, request balancing will appear depending on the geographic location of clients. GeoDNS will allow users to offer localized content, offering pages in the desired language or restricting access to certain resources (hello copyrights!). A simple and predicted load balancing will also be possible with the guarantee that each location will direct its traffic to a certain point of presence.
    Amazon's GeoDNS granularity is also striking: traffic distribution across the continent, country and region / state will be available. GeoDNS may be combined with other balancing methods, for example Latency Based Routing and DNS Failover.
    Details here.

    Decrease in prices for DNS queries
    From August 1, prices for standard and queries based on latency (Latency Based) were reduced by 20%. As before, requests for record aliases pointing to Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon S3 Bucket remain free.
    Details of updated prices here .

    You can find out more about the announcement on the AWS blog .

    It remains to add that the guys with Amazon Web Services are really great, and remain cloud pioneers (despite the many problems in their work). Now they have become a very serious player among registrars and have strengthened their position among DNS hosters.

    PS We look forward to the appearance of another "Corporation of good" ?! ;)

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