#GitLabLive Highlights of September 20, 2018

Original author: Rebecca Dodd
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Yesterday, September 20, an online conference was held with representatives of GitLab. On it, the CEO and co-founder of the company, Cyd Sibbrandige, and others told about important milestones in the history of GitLab, shared news and plans for the future.

Current information about the company

In an interview with Priyanka Sharma, Sid Sidzhbrandidzh told about milestones in the history of the company. One of the most important events in recent times has been, the fact that at the end of 2018 it ranked 44 th place in the ranking of 5000 fastest growing companies in the US version Inc . Forrester also recognized the technical solution in the field of continuous integration that it developed leading in its field . The acquisition of Gemnasium contributed to the development of embedded security tools from GitLab. The company also focuses on cloud solutions and Kubernetes .

Recently, the number of code developers participating in the project reached 2,000, which was also a landmark achievement. GitLab is proud to have switched to using certificates of origin issued by a developer as part of developing source code : this greatly simplifies participation in its creation.

Now the company has a number of fundamental source code development projects confirming the importance of #movingtogitlab .

All this set the stage for yesterday's news. GitLab has invested $ 100 million in the D series , and this has helped to achieve the program goal - to bypass nine flagship products from other manufacturers with a single application.

To the question: what is it like to be part of a club of unicorn companies? - Sid replied:
“It's just great. When we first appeared in Silicon Valley, one thing was explained to us at YCombinator: if you want to attract funds from outside investors, set a goal to become a company that is worth a billion dollars. Otherwise, you should not attract any funds at all. We took the advice seriously. We decided to attract money, and now our initial shareholders can be sure that we have reached the goal. And then we attracted more money, so today the bar is raised even higher, and we are going to further develop the company. ”
Why invest in GitLab?

ICONiQ Capital's general partner Matthew Jacobson explained why his company invested in GitLab. He focuses on the investment phases of growth and development and appreciates swiftness in products, and strength and quality in the team.

The conversation between ICONiQ and GitLab began more than two years ago, when GitLab’s “manic obsession” on the product became apparent, and the scale of ambition made a strong impression. The nine categories are “more than an ambitious product concept”!

Developing a culture of working remotely, Barbie Brewer,

Director of Cultural Aspects,shed light on how GitLab manages to preserve its culture as its scale changes, focusing primarily on people:

“The main thing for us is to work with the best specialists, attract the best developers, create the best product ... Whatever we do, our values ​​are at the forefront . We give each other constructive criticism and an incentive to improve. ”

The growth of the company, she said, does not mean at all that the labor force should grow one-to-one:
“We are not just growing fast - we are growing wisely,” says Barbie.
She also recalled the commitment to diversity and participation, and talked about the ways in which the company encourages and inspires the gtlábbers to adhere to the stated values ​​and help each other to learn and develop along the way.

Topical product information

The head of the product marketing service, William Chia, shared the news about GitLab products:
“Having implemented the full software development cycle at the end of 2016, we began to look closely at Concurrent DevOps ”.
William talked about how conversations with users and consumers prevented a “toolkit crisis” and how it made the company implement Concurrent DevOps with a single application covering the full DevOps life cycle.

In the eyes of the user: Why choose GitLab?

Michael Sobota, director of product integration for Charter Communications, talked about his company's goals: operational and consistent development, “left-shift” (developing the task at an earlier stage) operational functionality — and using GitLab as a DevOps platform to achieve them. Once the cycle of receiving Charter Communications feedback lasted two weeks , and now it's a matter of a few minutes.that ultimately allows the company to improve customer service.
“Gone are the days when you had to manage several machines at once. Now everything is in the hands of developers, ”said Michael Sobota, Director of Product Integration at Charter Communications.
Product Concept Product

Development Manager Mark Poundsak spoke about an ambitious product concept. A separate post is deservedly devoted to this topic! For now - a brief description:

  1. GitLab is a single application for the entire life cycle of DevOps, allowing you to implement Concurrent DevOps .
  2. GitLab is going to redouble its efforts in areas where work is already underway, and to focus on the depth, breadth and assignment of new roles to the product.
  3. In 2019, they plan to become leaders in four new areas. It's about project management, continuous software deployment and version automation, application security testing and value stream management.
  4. For 2019, 26 new product features are planned.
  5. DevOps is not limited to Dev and Ops.

There are plans to cover such specialties as designers and software product managers, so that they can all simultaneously work on a single product.

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