Reader for Android Released

    Finally released the long-awaited official Google Reader app for Android.

    It supports all the basic functions - the number of unread entries, friends, distribution, likes.

    Also from interesting:
    • support for multiple accounts;
    • synchronization of settings;
    • full support for subscription features;
    • Search.
    More unobvious features:
    • navigation with the volume key: if you enable this in the settings, you can navigate through the recordings using the volume keys;
    • a long press on a folder or subscription brings up a context menu that allows you to rename, unsubscribe and change folders;
    • if you press the menu key on a separate entry, you can use the send function, which integrates with other phone applications.

    P. S. Support is stated for all androids, starting with Donat, but for some reason the application is not on my Waldfair on Eclair. Please write in the comments who managed to install.

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