SERPClick: Promoting Behavioral Factors

    ALTWeb Group's corporate blog continues to talk about the company's new products. This time we will talk about SERPClick - a system designed to manage behavioral factors. We will talk about what it is and how it works in this post.

    SERPClick solves the problem of promoting behavioral factors

    MegaIndex has developed an alternative tool for promoting behavioral factors - SERPClick. This tool speaks with search engines in their language and allows you to continue to promote your sites to the top in conditions of noticeably complicated search engine ranking algorithms.

    The SERPClick system takes into account the requirements of search algorithms, such as the correspondence of the user's region to the region of the visited site, the time spent on the page and the absence of traces of exposure. SERPClick gives users specific tasks that improve behavioral factors and directly influence the site’s promotion to the top. Tasks are based on a preliminary analysis of your site, which the system conducts automatically, identifying all the requests for which the site is visible and assigning the right number of clicks so that the promotion is natural for the search engine.

    The principle of operation of SERPClick is simple: users who are interested in you come to you and improve your SEO performance. However, taking into account how many search engines take into account these indicators, SERPClick technology is really unique because it allows you to influence all 5 critical parameters of behavioral factors:

    • Clickthrough rate
    • Number of views
    • Session duration
    • Session depth
    • Return from your site to search results

    How do behavioral factors come about with SERPClick?

    Right after the launch of the service, we launched an online experiment for webmasters who wanted to make sure that SERPClick helps to directly influence the position of the site in the SERP. We already talked about the results of the experiment on the SERPClick blog, so here we restrict ourselves to only numbers:

    Results of the experiment conducted by the Fakir.Name project : 9 out of 50 promoted requests were in the TOP-1! The site’s visibility in search results has more than doubled.

    The OnlainWork project announced the following indicators: “According to Yandex, the percentage of key phrases in the TOP-10 rose by 5% from the start of promotion (it was 22% - it became 27%). According to Google, 14% (it was 17% - it became 31%) also from the beginning of the promotion. ”

    Logging in is as simple as possible: register in the system and enter your site. The SERPClick system will do everything necessary on its own:

    • will evaluate requests
    • will distribute the number of clicks for the site
    • will form a monthly budget
    • will distribute tasks to users
    • collect promotion statistics

    How to start using behavioral factors for SEO?

    First of all, make sure that you are already using a standard set of SEO tools.

    1. You have a semantic core
    2. Optimized content
    3. Link base

    Also, talk directly with the project marketer on improving usability and ways to keep the user on the site. After you start using SERPClick, other users will come to your site, who will need to be held in order not to lose positions on behavioral factors. How this works in conjunction is well shown in the diagram of one of the participants in the experiment on promoting behavioral factors Fakir.Name :


    Opinions of professionals about working with behavioral factors in SERPClick

    Arthur Latypov, Head of SEO-department SEO-Intellect:
    “The SERP Click service was developed taking into account many requirements of behavioral metrics, many calculations were automated taking into account the characteristics of the request and the site, and detailed reporting was implemented.”

    Dmitry Sevalnev, Head of SEO, Pixel Plus:
    “The SERP Click service is aimed at improving significant query-dependent behavioral factors, such as the site’s CTR on demand, the number of transitions, return to delivery, and others. A powerful tool in the hands of a skilled SEO optimizer. ”

    Nikolay Khivrin, CEO of ALTWeb Group:
    “Behavioral factors are the dominant parameters for ranking sites in search engines. SERP Click makes it easy to invite live people to the site, which will contribute to its growth. "


    SERPClick is a turnkey solution for managing behavioral factors. While standard SEO tools promote to the top, only behavioral factors allow you to maintain position, as well as move to the top faster, all other things being equal. The mechanism for working with behavioral ranking factors SERPClick does not involve robots that are easily identified as spam activity, and user profiles for the transition to SERPClick are carefully selected before any targeted users are allowed to work. SERPClick is a reliable technological tool for enhancing the measures taken to promote Internet resources through the use of knowledge about the work of algorithms of behavioral ranking factors.

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