A delivery drone that flies like a plane and lands like a helicopter

    What happens if you combine a quadrocopter with an airplane? A trio of students pondered this and developed VertiKUL. This aircraft takes off, like an ordinary quadrocopter, and uses wings to fly long distances. Video - under the cut.


    Students worked this apparatus for a master's thesis. In principle, they needed to make a fully functional drone. They went further and made an unmanned vehicle that takes off and lands vertically, but has wings. These wings are placed vertically during take-off and landing, in the air they rotate and occupy the desired position.

    Winged drones already have a place to be, but they need a strip, which is not so convenient. And this drone will be able to deliver mail (For Amazon, for example). Not everyone has such a strip in the yard.

    VertiKUL is able to carry a load of 1 kilogram per 30 kilometers.

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