The mayor of London has promised full coverage of the city 5G in 2020

    Despite the fact that the 5G standard is still in development, London Mayor Boris Johnson is in a hurry to stake out the title of the digital capital of Europe outside the city - or at least for himself - the first mayor in the world to attend to this question. This is part of the overall London development plan, in which information infrastructure is given the same importance as transport, energy or water, Engadget writes .

    Interestingly, the launch of 5G in commercial operation in the world is just expected by 2020. To reduce its backlog from the United States, as was the case with the launch of LTE, the European Union has established cooperation on 5G with South Korea .

    4 years ago, Johnson made a similar statement, promising to turn London into one big wi-fi hotspot by the 2012 Olympic season..

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