Roscosmos intends to create a lunar visited orbital station based on a module for the ISS

    In the module of the ISS Dawn, the NEM housing was used.

    Today it became known about the plans of Roskosmos to create a visited lunar station on the opposite side of the moon’s orbit from the Earth. In this case, the station will be created from the ISS module, after its modernization. This is a scientific and energy module .

    As far as you can understand, NASA, ESA and the Japanese space agency approved a preliminary project to create such a station.

    “Our international partners from the USA, Europe and Japan supported the proposal to create, after the ISS was shut down, the visited orbital station in the lunar orbit at Lagrange point L2 (on the opposite side of the moon’s orbit from the Earth - IF-AVN) based on the Russian Science and Energy module being developed initially for the ISS, ”a source from Roscosmos said (unfortunately, Interfax does not indicate what kind of source it is).

    Modernization of the module for use in lunar conditions will not be significant. In addition, the module-station will receive additional nodes for docking with American and Russian spacecraft.

    The development of the module is the work of RSC Energia, and the module itself will be launched for the ISS in 2018. The project has already been submitted for examination toCentral Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering . On the moon, the module will be used after the ISS is decommissioned.

    It is expected that the life of the lunar station will be 30 years.


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