Hackathons are good! Yes, son, not bad!

Hello! I would like to share the experience of trips to hackathons that are held in Moscow and tell what kind of beast it is - Hackathon.

Hackathon is a 1-2-3 day event in which people come up with an idea and implement it in a short time. The best projects receive prizes, usually cash, or some kind of device.

Details, as usual, under the cut.

Pros of going to these events:
No need to pay for food
Yes, they usually feed on the Hackathons, plus so that people can work at night, a sea of ​​power engineers is heard.


No need to pay for the office.

At your disposal is an office that works around the clock, when you want, then you work. But for 1-3 days.
It helps to assemble a team and test its performance in combat conditions.

You can lure yourself into a team of people who are willing to work for an idea, that is, for nothing.

A very useful thing if you are a completely startup and you have a budget of 10k rubles.
To assemble a team of 12 people directly at the hackathon - yes, no problem! Most likely there will be no


new acquaintances in the IT sphere of

Stars, but it is quite possible to meet representatives of Samsung or Google and establish relations with them.



Notebooks, pens, T-shirts, sometimes boxes of food and energy. A very useful thing for survival.

Party and fun


I must say right away that if you go to the hackathon alone, you have a chance to win something, but it is usually minimal.
Therefore, an idea and a team are usually prepared in advance for an idea, 1-2 weeks before the event.
But most often people learn about the event in 3-4 days, so the following hackathon minuses begin to pop up :

Your code is go * but no

one is watching how you write the code, how crooked it is, how legal art is used, how many bugs - the main thing is that within 2 minutes of the presentation everything works and does not fall.

90% of ideas are only suitable for the hackathon.

We want to create a social network for finding people that runs in the morning on the same route as you. In order for the social network to work at least somehow, we need 10kk users who are running at the start.

People who are used to working 2 days in a row can not always work every day.

There are sprinters, there are marathoners. Everything is simple and clear.

The fact that you have received recognition from the hackathon jury does not guarantee anything.

The idea is good, the jury liked it, everyone else did n’t. Did not find CA.

There is not always a place to sleep

Bonus! Every year a grand finale takes place, where you can see a lot of cool things.



Live music:


And much more!

Go to the hackathons, have fun and experience!

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