Programmable for iPhone and iPad. 3rd ed


    Obviously enough, despite the imminent onset of the Swift era, Objective-C will not lose its relevance for quite some time. Therefore, we bring to your attention another book of the Head First series: Programming for iPhone and iPad. The name speaks for itself - this is a traditional for the series detailed and interesting tutorial on how to program in Objective-C, design interfaces, create applications, work with the iPhone SDK tools (the development environment described in the book is Xcode5). All information is presented in a conversational, unobtrusive manner with a large number of illustrations and humor, which is typical for all Head First books. And do not be afraid of the classic facepalm on the cover - the story is really intelligible and fascinating.

    The number of documentation and articles on the Swift language is growing, but the main book - the official documentation from Apple is still in the process of translation. So this publication will also be useful to those who want to make up for programming gaps for Apple products before switching to Swift and to understand the organizational structure of this complex and interesting platform.

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