Agile practices in mobile development projects, July 16, Minsk

    As you know, Agile is a family of development processes, and not the only approach to software development. Agile does not include specific methods and practices, but defines the values ​​and principles that guide successful teams. In connection with the growing popularity of flexible methodologies, the question is often raised about the features of using agile practices in projects for the development of mobile applications. Formation and structuring of the task list (backlog), design drawing, self-organizing teams working in parallel on several projects - these and many other topics concern mobile development team managers.

    July 16 (Wednesday) in the Minsk office of the company Ciklum will host another meeting of the seriesCiklum Practice Leaders: Management and Communications . This time we will discuss the feasibility and features of application of agile-practices for mobile development projects .


    Leading speaker of the meeting will be Pavel Levdansky . Since 2011, Pavel has been managing software development projects. Currently, Pavel's focus is specifically on Apalon's mobile app development projects.


    We invite you to take part in an open meeting! You can register at the link

    Venue Minsk, 11 Zmitroka Byaduli, Azimut Business Center, Ciklum Office, July 16, starting at 19:00

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