Summer programs for 2019 for teaching teenagers to programming abroad

    Although there are still mountains of snow and frost outside, many parents (and sometimes teenagers themselves) are beginning to wonder what to take the child during the long summer holidays. If you think that children relax so much in the summer that it is extremely difficult for them to get involved in the learning process in the fall, then in such situations I always advise sending a child to summer training camp.

    My job is related to the immigration business, so quite often my company has to select training programs abroad. And in the past few years, programs for teaching programming and professions associated with it have become the most popular.

    With the help of such camps, the child can train English and learn the basics of the sought-after profession. As for me, a great way to diversify the holidays with benefits.

    I collected several interesting proposals for the summer of 2019 from various colleges and training centers for children from 10 to 18 years old, both in Europe and the UK, and in America. I hope they will be useful for you and your child. Perhaps at first glance it may seem that the cost of such training is somewhat overestimated compared to our standard expectations - how much a children's training camp can cost. But here you should pay attention to the high level of education, and a complete set of educational materials, and the level of safety for the child. In fact, this training + entertainment + rest on the system "all inclusive" on the best, in my opinion, sites.

    Bucksmore Coding Program

    Duration of the program: 2 weeks
    Age programs: 10-13 years and 13-16 years
    Dates of programs: July 02-16, 2019
    09-23 July, 201 July
    16-30, July 2013– July
    23 – August 6, 2009
    Program cost: € 2600
    Location: United Kingdom , London, 259 Greenwich High Road, Bucksmore Education.

    The main "trick" of the camp, according to the founders, is the study of two languages ​​of the future at once: English and Python.

    Students have at their disposal a microcomputer Raspberry Pi, on which they will learn the basics of Python. In general, the course is very interestingly balanced in terms of educational and entertainment programs.

    • 15 hours a week learning and practicing English
    • 7.5 hours per week learning the basics of programming
    • 2 full day excursions and 1 half day excursion
    • Evening entertainment activities with members of the Bucksmore Summer and Bucksmore Adventure programs.

    The result is a camp with a lot of entertainment and a wide practice of English, in which the child will also be taught the basics of programming. The study group has a maximum of 11 children.

    The cost of the program includes accommodation, meals, study materials, excursions, transfer from Heathrow or Gatwick Airport and back, as well as gift sets.

    The founders claim that children will need money only for souvenirs - everything else is already provided.

    College du Leman CDL Summer Camp

    Duration of the program: 2 weeks (it is possible to extend the stay in the camp from 3 to 6 weeks)
    Age programs: 8-18 years
    Dates of programs: July 07-20, 2019
    July 21 - August 3, 2019
    August 04-17, 2019
    Cost of the program: 5700 Swiss francs ($ 5,740 or € 5,000)
    Location: Switzerland, Versoix, Route de Sauverny 74, Collège du Léman.

    Immediately emphasize, Versoix is ​​a suburb of Geneva, so the transport connection is fine.

    College Du Leman offers as many as 3 separate programs for children's camps. We are interested in the program Genius. It is noteworthy that the student can choose to create their own program for themselves. The child is offered 7 educational blocks, 2 of which he can choose to his taste.

    These programs are:

    1. Programming
    2. Forensic Lab
    3. Startup Creations
    4. English
    5. French
    6. School Leader
    7. Robotics

    All programs take into account the age of students and are conducted in a game form. That is, in the forensic laboratory, students will investigate the "crime", while studying and using various devices and devices.

    According to the organizers, together with the "programming" most often they choose the "forensic laboratory" or "robotics".

    Also for students there is a large selection of evening entertainment, among which there are bowling, laser tag, discos, board and team games and much more.

    The price includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, entertainment, educational materials and consumables, weekend excursions, transfer from Geneva airport and back.

    In general, a very worthy program that children will definitely like. The only thing is desirable knowledge of French at least at a basic level - many students from France participate in the programs.

    Utrecht University Summer School Game Design

    Program duration: 1 week
    Age programs: 12-18 years
    Dates of programs: August 12-16, 2019
    Program cost: € 500 (€ 700 for accommodation)
    Location: The Netherlands, Utrecht, Janskerkhof 30, Utrecht Summer School.

    Utrecht Summer School is a fairly popular summer camp for schoolchildren in the Netherlands, which offers programs in 10 different fields of study.

    Game Design and Development is one of many programs. Nevertheless, it enjoys unchanged popularity. Children want to learn how to make games and that’s where they can do it. Or at least learn the basics for this profession.

    Courses cover the specialty very widely. Children will be able to practice creating individual game elements (locations, characters, arts, engines). They will also receive the necessary minimum of knowledge for programming, creating animations, voice acting, sprites and adjusting the game balance.

    Despite the fact that the course takes only a week, it is very, very well presented information. At the end of the program, each team of participants presents their own game. The program also includes a visit to the Dutch Game Garden - an incubator for Dutch mobile and computer game development companies.

    Utrecht Summer School is a great opportunity for a child or teenager who is interested in computer games to turn his hobby into something more.

    Funtech Holiday Camps: Python Game Developer

    Program duration: 5 days
    Age programs: 11-16 years
    Program dates: August 19-23, 2019 August
    26-30, 2019
    Program cost: from £ 995 (depending on location and registration time)
    Location: United Kingdom, Berkshire, Maidenhead, 103 High Street, FunTech.
    (actual course location may vary, be careful).

    The company FunTech is specially created to educate the younger generation and foster in it an interest in technical professions. In addition to the basic courses, which are designed mainly for a year, the company organizes summer camps.

    Now they have 16 summer courses lasting from 5 to 14 days, which somehow relate to programming. We will look at one with you - Python Game Developer. The rest you can evaluate yourself on the website of the company .

    The organizers claim that this is an ideal summer camp for gamers, in which students will be able to create an interesting 2D toy for the week of active programming themselves.

    As part of the course, children are taught in practice:

    • The basics of object-oriented programming in Python.
    • The basics of PyGame (drawing, audio, rendering).
    • Vector mathematics (calculation of forms and objects, scaling, determining the optimal size of the location).
    • Create generated instances.

    The course is very intensive - classes last 8 hours a day, taking into account entertainment activities. However, most children are happy with this schedule. At the same time, teachers say that the courses are fully academic and provide basic knowledge in the chosen field of knowledge.

    Holberton Summer Coding Camp

    Program duration: 11 days
    Age programs: 15-18 years
    Program dates: July 09-20, 2019
    Program cost: free
    Location: The USA, CA, San Francisco, 972 Mission Street (between 5th & 6th Street).

    Yes, the course is really free, but because of this the number of people willing to take part in it is simply enormous. In addition, for each participant must have a high knowledge of mathematics and English.

    The course is quite decent. Pupils are taught the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For 11 days, each of the course participants will be able to create their own website from scratch to the final launch.

    In addition to the theory and practice of programming, the organizers conduct interesting excursions around the offices of popular IT companies, including Google, LinkedIn, Airbnb. However, the camp does not fully occupy the children from morning to evening, they have 4-6 hours of free time per day, which they spend on their own.

    Naturally, the student himself pays for accommodation, excursions, transportation costs and educational materials.

    Power to the program is also not included. It is possible to eat in the camp, but it is paid. The organizers say that the prices are quite affordable, but they do not report the specific cost.

    In general, the camp gives students a very clear idea of ​​HTML, CSS and Javascript, even if they had never known them before. Free of charge is a huge plus, but due to the high demand for the program, it is possible and not to get into the camp at all. In addition, all organizational issues (housing, food, travel, and others) will have to be solved independently.


    Similar summer programs exist at many international universities and even more at private educational organizations.

    But when choosing a course you need to pay attention to 4 things:

    1. What exactly is included in the price of the course. Some companies write the cost of "turnkey" - that is, the money will be really needed only for souvenirs. Others do not take into account educational materials, food, accommodation, transfer and a bunch of little things. Pay attention to this.
    2. A variety of leisure and entertainment. For children, this is important. If the program takes into account leisure for children and, moreover, draws it to the benefit of learning, then that's great. The result in the study area will be better, and the time spent in the camp, the child will enjoy much more. This means that the motivation to continue studying the subject will be higher.
    3. All programs need fluency in English. When choosing courses, parents often forget this. To hedge against bad feedback due to language barriers, companies often ask students for certificates of international English exams like TOEFL or IELTS. Be realistic and sensibly assess the language capabilities of your child.
    4. If you send your child on a trip on their own (on most airlines, a child can fly on his own by plane from the age of 12), be sure to find out if there is a transfer from the airport and back. Even if the program indicates that there is a transfer. In addition, explain to the child the rules for using the airport's systems and boarding the flight, because he will be doing back these procedures himself.

    Perhaps you have come across other camps in the world that you thought were better or more effective than those I recommend? I would be glad to discuss this in the comments.

    Thanks for the feedback, Yuri Mosha, the founder of the “Second Passport” company.

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