We invite you to a free HPC school in biology and medicine

    On August 21-30, 2014, Kazan will host the VI Summer School of MIPT – Innopolis University on high-performance computing and their applications to the problems of modern biology and medicine. The event is organized by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and Innopolis University , the first Russian university specializing exclusively in information technology.

    Within the framework of the event, review lectures on topical problems of modern biology and modern mathematical models, as well as their applications to medical problems, will be given.
    School Objectives
    1. To form a general idea of ​​the students of the School about urgent biomedical problems, the solution of which requires the use of modern high-performance computing technologies;
    2. To give an idea of ​​the basic models of mathematical biology and methods for solving the equations of these models;
    3. To give basic knowledge of parallelizing algorithms and programs for solving equations of basic models using complexes of various architectures;
    4. Develop students' working skills using communication media (MPI) and software models (CUDA).

    The Chairman of the Program Committee of the School, Igor Rudolfovich Efimov (born Igor R. Efimov), is a Russian-American scientist. Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Cell Biology and Physiology, and Radiology at the University of Washington at St. Louis, Missouri. efimov.wustl.edu
    Attention listeners! Lecture by prof. Efimova will be held in English

    Invited lecturers: Sofya Kovalevskaya Prize winner Dmitry Fedosov (Julich, Germany), specialist in the field of mathematical modeling of blood, professor at the University of Massachussets Lowell V. Barsegov , specialist in computational biology and theoretical biophysics.
    Participation in the school is free. Nonresident participants will be accommodated.

    The following lecturers are expected to participate: Dr. Sc., Professor Aliev R.R. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A. Lobanov, Ph.D., Associate Professor Karpov V.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor Konkov K.A. , Ph.D. Kolobov A.V ... Practical classes will be held by Subbotina A.Yu., Ph.D. Babichev S.L., Tsybulin I.V., Ph.D. Zhmurov A.A.

    Students with a level of education not lower than the undergraduate or 4 year course of specialists from technical universities, universities, and faculties are invited to participate: mechanical-mathematical, physical, biological, applied mathematics. Required knowledge of programming languages ​​- C / C ++. Knowledge of Linux at the user level is desirable. Courses of differential equations should be attended, preferably courses of computational mathematics and equations of mathematical physics.

    The selection of students is carried out on the basis of a questionnaire and a letter of motivation. The letter is written in any form.
    The application form can be downloaded at hpc.mipt.ru/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/anketa-kazan.doc
    Applications for participation in the School (completed questionnaires with motivation letters) should be sent to the email address pogorelova@crec.mipt.ru before July 30 , in the subject line, indicate “Application for participation in the School”.

    All candidates for participation in the work of the School as students will be informed of the decision no later than August 7.
    Within the framework of the School, a brief scientific session is expected. Those wishing to make a report within the School should send a brief abstract of the report (1 page) along with the application. Abstracts of accepted reports will be published in the School Materials.

    PS The participants of the 5 Summer School last year will be interested in taking this course, the materials have only 30% coincidence.

    PPS The link will be organized online broadcast

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