Hackspace (club of technical creativity) opened in Nizhnevartovsk

    We will continue our excursions around the world's hackspace, this time, from the capital of electronics of Shenzhen, we will be transported to the oil capital of Russia - to Nizhnevartovsk, yes, yes, it was here that a club of technical and robotic creativity - hackspace was recently opened .

    Hackspace is a physical place where it is possible to work on your idea in a comfortable working area with various machines and other equipment that can be used to work on projects.

    This is communication with like-minded people., experts in various fields with whom you can consult or participate in a joint project. This is an opportunity to attract people to participate in your project or just get the support of those who are really interested in the field of development. There is also the opportunity to order or purchase on site various unique components that cannot be found on regular sale.

    We learn more about the available equipment, access conditions and projects of the club members:

    Club organizer - Konstantin Shafranov:

    Konstantin is a systems engineer by training.

    The laboratory itself existed for several years, but in a closed mode, for several participants and the internal project. But recently, they decided to open access to equipment and jobs for all lovers of technical creativity in the city of Nizhnevartovsk - to organize hack space.

    Let's start the tour.

    Common table

    Like any hackspace, it all starts with a common desktop for discussing projects

    Tools and accessories

    A rack with tools that you can (and need) to take and use to create your projects:

    “Loose powder” of stepper and servo motors, you must admit - you don’t often see this in our cities:

    Equipment, jobs

    Access to all equipment for participants is free .

    Computer workstation:

    Of course, a 3D printer (assembled by the participants themselves):

    Workplace for classes with micro-electronics

    debugging the CNC machine.

    A laser cutting and engraving machine

    , which is necessary for many projects : For work where work with iron is required and the use of physical labor is a locksmith's workplace :

    a lathe, an emery disk, a vice.

    Drilling machine:


    CNC machine - created by the participants of the Nizhnevartovsk hackspace:

    Another working project: a spider-robot project for cable laying (we have already seen on the main one)

    And here is a project of a rope-walker (successfully tested), and getting ready for serial production:

    A system with a radio control is designed for laying communication lines on existing communications, cables, extensions, etc.

    In action

    Where is the hackspace and how to get there

    Huxspace is located at: Nizhnevartovsk, Industrialnaya 32v.
    To get enough to call: 56-26-48 (Nizhnevartovsk). VKontakte
    group . Contacts for communication with Konstantin, the head of the hackspace: email , and skype: konstantin1970_0 I am glad that such clubs are organized in Russia, that the promotion of technical creativity and robotics is being promoted by the people themselves. I would like to wish the Club good luck and development! Used footage from the video report about the hackspace: Robotics lovers united .


    I think it is no secret to anyone that the basis of the Russian economy is raw materials, and for a long time it has been said about diversification (diversity), and it seems to me robotics - may be one of these areas.

    For example, in another oil country - the UAE - serious attention is paid to robotics, and in September this year in Dubai the first robotic conference will be held within the entire region - Robot Technology Exhibition (RTEX):
    Hidden text
    RTEX (Robot Technology Exhibition) is the first robotics and automation event in the Middle East and North Africa region. 'Better by Robot' as its key theme, the exhibition revolves around the idea that a future with robot technology will be a better and safer one for humanity. RTEX presents a distinguished source for companies and investors to enter a unique market and experience a new level of science and technology.

    This exhibition is designed to provide a platform for companies to exhibit their products and show the latest advancements in Robot Technology (RT), while also presenting a unique meeting point for professional as well as non-trade visitors.

    Through their participation RT companies will not only contribute to the promotion of this new technology in the Middle East but also develop new business and gain higher market awareness.

    RTEX is a B2B & B2C exhibition that will open doors to a technology that can advance human wellbeing and sustain a better future.

    By hosting this event, Dubai continues its successful path of being a first mover in the region as well as worldwide. RTEX hopes to add a value to Dubai's economy by involving various business sectors, creating employment opportunities, attracting international investors, and catapulting the city to a tech hub.

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